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CTA Compliance

Federal & state employment laws – and how an HRIS helps

Legislation compliance evolves with your small business's growth. Key federal and state laws become applicable at specific emplo...

hr legal compliance

ChatGPT for legal compliance: a step-by-step tutorial

Learn how ChatGPT helps with HR legal compliance, offering efficient document review, custom compliance training, and checklist ...

how to fire anyone

How to fire anyone without legal repercussions

Ever hesitated to fire an underperforming employee due to fear of legal action? Our guide on how to fire anyone demystifies the ...


Shared parental leave policy template

A Shared Parental Leave policy is a document that outlines an organization's guidelines and procedures for allowing eligible emp...


Garden leave: what it is and how it works

Garden leave, also known as gardening leave, is a period of time during which an employee is required to stay away from work, ty...

EEOC in AI and hiring

Avoid unintended bias: learn to navigate EEOC in AI and hiring

Learn how to comply with the latest warning from the EEOC on using AI in the workplace. Learn techniques for identifying potenti...

recruitment compliance

Recruitment compliance: all you need to know in 2023

Discover how to tackle the Great Resignation with an updated, compliant recruiting process. Learn about essential laws relevant ...


Navigating CPRA in HR: essential FAQs for California’s privacy law

Stay informed and compliant with the evolving landscape of data privacy laws. Dive into our comprehensive guide on important FAQ...

supreme court vaccine mandate

US Supreme Court’s mixed ruling on vaccine mandates: What do you do now?

By now, you know the US Supreme Court’s decision on the proposed vaccine mandate – and you’ve come here looking for clarity and ...

What the Biden vaccine mandate means for employers – and how to manage it

In November 2021, the White House announced details of its vaccine mandate. By early January, employers with more than 100 emplo...

INFOGRAPHIC: Flexible work arrangements and US priorities

Great Resignation, anyone? It’s not just that workers are quitting in the US – they’re simply not applying for new roles. If you...

Biden's labor agenda: what you need to know as an employer

Biden’s labor agenda: what you need to know as an employer

With US President Joe Biden’s new administration comes a long-promised economic reform, particularly in regards to job developme...

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