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chatgpt 4o HR

Four ways that ChatGPT 4o will improve your HR work

OpenAI doesn’t stop impressing us. Just when we think we’ve seen everything, a new breakthrough update comes along to change thi...

AI Research Scientist job description

An AI Research Scientist is a professional focused on the study, development, and implementation of cutting-edge artificial inte...


10 HR video memes you wish you’d watched before

I get it, the 9-5 grind can feel monotonous at times. Amidst the cumbersome tasks, it’s highly recommended  to find moment...

AI supports rto

How can AI support your RTO efforts? Check our strategy

The truth is that the Return To Office (RTO) has brought a new trend, the hybrid work model. This has emerged as the new normal,...

onboarding buddy

Νew hire struggling? Onboarding buddies can help you (+checklist)

As the new employee, Jake stepped into the lively office on his first day, feeling a mix of excitement and uncertainty.  As he s...

employee management solutions

Maybe a no-frills employee management tool is all you need

An HRIS is not just about cutting costs, it’s about streamlining processes, improving employee engagement, and ultimately drivin...

Real-life healthcare interview questions

53+ real-life interview questions for healthcare roles

In this guide, we unveil a curated compilation of authentic interview questions for various pivotal healthcare roles.  Crafted b...

Real-life interview questions for Soft skills

55+ real-life interview questions for soft skills at every level

According to research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center, the majority of ca...

Hospitality and travel real-life interview questions

33+ real-life interview questions for hospitality and travel roles

In the dynamic world of hospitality and travel, assembling a team that embodies not just skills but also the spirit of service i...

Coding - development roles

73+ real-life interview questions for development & coding roles 

Unsure about which questions will truly assess whether a candidate possesses the required skills? Envision having a collection o...

sales interview questions

40+ real-life interview questions for sales & business roles with sample answers

But what if you’re unsure about which questions will truly reveal a candidate’s potential? Wouldn’t it be grea...

No cold calls: engage passive candidates with targeted emails

Talent crunches are by no means a recent issue for recruiters and HR professionals. The best candidates often already have posit...

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