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Sourcing marketing candidates email

This is a cold email template you can use when sourcing marketers for an open position in your company. Use this template to compose informative and appealing emails that will save you time and are more likely to get a positive response. You can easily customize this sourcing marketing candidates email template to keep a more formal or informal tone, aligned with your company culture.

Marketers increase brand awareness and boost sales through effective advertising campaigns. Use targeted Boolean search strings to source qualified candidates for specific marketing roles, like SEO Managers and Social Media Specialists.

Once you’ve found good potential marketing candidates, send them recruiting emails to let them know about your job opening. Tell your potential candidates how you found them and what about them made you reach out. Personalize your recruiting emails to increase response rates. For example:

  • Remind them that you met at a conference/event and highlight that their communication skills stood out to you. Or, if you’ve read an interesting piece they wrote (e.g. on marketing techniques/trends), describe what you liked about it.
  • Marketers are usually active online. Try to network with them on social platforms, including Facebook groups, Slack and Twitter. If you have previously communicated, they’re more likely to respond to your recruiting email. For European candidates, please refer to guidance on using social media for recruiting and collecting candidate information as per the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.
  • Companies and employees advertise their successes online. If, for example, you’re looking to hire a Brand Manager, mention one to two projects they were involved in that impressed you.
  • If you want to hire designers for your website or other marketing-related illustration tasks, look for online portfolios and compliment potential candidates on works that resemble what you (want to) do.

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To pique potential candidates’ attention, you need to market the position and your company, as well. Name one or two benefits that you offer to employees and briefly describe some challenging tasks related to the position (e.g. launching a new product.)

As with all sourcing emails to passive candidates, make sure you provide relevant information (your name, your company and contact details) and a clear call to action. And if this is an EU candidate, make sure to include a link to your privacy notice as the GDPR requires.

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Recruiting Marketing candidates email template

Subject line: [Company_name] is looking for a [job_title] / Interested in joining our team at [Company_name]?

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I am [your name], [your job_title] at [Company_name].

  • I saw your profile on [e.g. LinkedIn] and I was really impressed by your experience with [add specific software, e.g. SalesForce or specific field, e.g. email marketing campaigns.] I was particularly excited to see [add specific achievement that caught your eye]. We are currently looking for a [job_title – add link to the job description] to join our team/ to manage [add marketing specific project.] I’d love to tell you more about this position and discuss how we could achieve great things together.
  • I saw your online portfolio on [e.g. Behance or Dribbble] and I was really impressed by your work on [mention specific field, e.g. company logos.] Here, at [Company_name], we are always looking to collaborate with creative people who can freshen up our designs. Currently, we want to expand our team with a [job_title – add link to the job description]. I’d love to tell you a little more about this position and learn a few things about you, as well.
  • We met [mention specific time e.g. one month ago] at [X event/conference] / We’ve previously interacted [mention specific social platform, e.g. X Slack group] and I couldn’t help but notice how you made a good first impression and maintained pleasant discussions. Here, at [Company_name], we prioritize our client satisfaction and, currently, we’re looking for a [job_title – add link to the job description] who’ll positively represent our brand both online and offline. I’d love to tell you a little more about this position and learn a few things about you, as well.
  • I saw your profile [e.g. on Twitter or Quora] and I was really impressed by the way you reply to [e.g. customers or people.] Here, at [Company_name], we are always looking to build strong relationships with our audience. Currently, we’d like to grow our team with a [job_title – add link to the job description] who will [e.g. contact customers online or manage our social media pages.] I’d love to tell you a little more about this position and learn a few things about you, as well.

Are you available [include date and time or a period of time, e.g. ‘sometime this week’]? If so, I’d be happy to set up a call. I’m also happy to coordinate via email or LinkedIn, if you prefer.

I hope you have a great day,

[Your name]

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