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Retail Stylist job description

A Retail Stylist is a fashion professional who assists clients in selecting stylish outfits that complement their body types and personal style. They provide personalized styling tips, create complete looks from head to toe, and stay updated on fashion trends.

Christina Pavlou
Christina Pavlou

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Use this Retail Stylist job description template to attract qualified salespeople for boutiques and luxury clothing stores.

What is a Retail Stylist?

What does a Retail Stylist do?

A Retail Stylist welcomes customers, identifies their needs, and helps them find clothing items that fit their body types. They create complete looks that match clients’ styles, offer personalized styling tips, and recommend shoes and accessories to complement outfits. Retail Stylists also inform customers about fashion trends, provide product details, and ensure proper product presentation and stock replenishment.

Retail Stylist responsibilities include:

  • Identifying clients’ needs and helping them find clothing that suits their body types
  • Creating complete looks from head to toe to match clients’ style
  • Offering personalized styling tips

Retail Stylist job description

Job brief

We are seeking a dynamic Retail Stylist to join our team and assist clients in choosing trendy and stylish outfits, ensuring their satisfaction before they leave our store.

As a Retail Stylist, you will provide personalized customer service, offer fashion recommendations, and curate complete looks that captivate and excite our clientele.

If you possess a keen sense of fashion and the ability to create outfits that enhance diverse body types, we would love to meet you.

Your contribution will be instrumental in upholding our stellar reputation among existing customers and attracting new ones.

Join us in shaping an exceptional shopping experience and contributing to the growth of our clientele.


  • Welcome customers as they enter our store
  • Identify clients’ needs and help them find clothing items that fit their body type
  • Create complete looks from head to toe to match clients’ style
  • Offer personalized styling tips
  • Pick and recommend shoes and accessories that complement clients’ outfits
  • Inform customers about fashion trends
  • Provide product details, including fabrics, wash care instructions, prices and discounts
  • Suggest alternative outfits and colors to create unique looks
  • Ensure proper product presentation and stock replenishment
  • Remember loyal customers’ names, sizes and preferences and maintain friendly relationships

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Retail Stylist or similar role in the fashion industry
  • Sales experience in clothing or shoe retail stores is a plus
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to create looks for different styles, occasions and body types
  • Up-to-date with all fashion trends in outfits, shoes, accessories and makeup
  • High school diploma
  • Additional certification in Fashion or Merchandise is a plus

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