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Establishing a positive employer brand

A company’s reputation as an employer can significantly influence its recruitment outcomes. Our resources delve into the intricacies of employer branding, emphasizing its role in your overarching recruitment strategy. Gain insights into molding and showcasing a brand that resonates with your company’s values and work ethos. By strengthening your employer brand, you position yourself to magnetize top-tier talent consistently.


WeyMedia: insights on mitigating recruitment headaches

Nikita Garner, Administrative Manager at WeyMedia, offers insights about their hiring process and how it involves not only the d...


People aren’t so interested in pay transparency; they only need this

Where do employees place greater value, beyond pay transparency? As the workforce becomes more diverse and the global market mor...

webmd RTO video

WebMD’s RTO video: it’s mega cringe, but reflects today’s reality

WebMD's return-to-office video is incredibly awkward to watch, but the Evil HR Lady reminds us that it's a great lesson on commu...

attracting talent in tech and student communities

CTW: Attracting talent through tech and student communities

Explore how CTW, a highly successful IP game platform company, adopted a new strategic talent acquisition process to effectively...

LYTT: A sevenfold increase in LinkedIn followers over 3 years

Explore LYTT's strategic journey to a 685% increase in LinkedIn followers, emphasizing personal updates, showcasing company cult...

ChatGPT for crisis management: a tool to overcome problems

This guide highlights ChatGPT's role in ensuring smooth internal communication, offering emotional support, and optimizing resou...

executive dismissal

Executive dismissal at OpenAI: many lessons for businesses

OpenAI's firing of Sam Altman, followed by a reinstatement amidst employee backlash, highlights the importance of transparency a...

tech event planning

Tech events: how to sponsor them – and how to participate

Are tech events overwhelming you? Learn how to sponsor and participate in events effectively to amplify your brand, connect with...

AI Marketing for recruitment

AI is changing recruitment marketing – your next move

AI recruitment marketing is the application of artificial intelligence in the recruiting process to attract and engage potential...

AI for recruitment

How to use AI for recruitment

To use AI for recruitment, start by implementing AI-powered applicant tracking systems to streamline candidate sourcing and scre...

Boost your employer branding and retention rates with AI-driven strategies

Boost your employer branding & retention using AI

Eyes here, HR managers. Did you know that applying AI automations and following cutting edge technology in your company can enha...


Juneteenth: 5 ways employers can recognize the holiday

Explore how businesses can thoughtfully recognize and support Juneteenth without losing sight of its historical significance. Le...

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