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Employee engagement

lazy girls

The ‘lazy girl’: unpacking apathy in modern workplaces

Phrases like 'bare minimum Monday' signal a deeper workplace sentiment. Rather than dismiss today's workforce as apathetic, mana...

hiring strategy in tough times

Evolve your hiring strategy in tough times: 7 webinar lessons

Workable joined forces with Checkr and Deel to discuss strategies for hiring in economic headwinds....

The psychological impact of difficult commutes

The psychological impact of difficult commutes

Difficult commutes can significantly impact mental health, causing stress, anxiety, and decreased job satisfaction. Long travel ...


Shared parental leave policy template

A Shared Parental Leave policy is a document that outlines an organization's guidelines and procedures for allowing eligible emp...


What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has towards their organization and its goals, leading to higher perf...


What is work ethic and why is it important for success?

Work ethic is a set of values guiding professional behavior, encompassing integrity, responsibility, quality, discipline, and te...

Employee orientation

Employee orientation: checklist, benefits, and best practices

Employee orientation, also known as onboarding, is the process of integrating new hires into an organization. It's not just abou...


Long-term disability policy

A Long-Term Disability Policy is a company's systematic approach to providing financial support and resources to employees unabl...

Employee lifecycle

Employee lifecycle: it’s not the destination, it’s the journey

The employee lifecycle (ELC) is the journey an employee takes with an organization, from initial contact as a potential recruit,...


What is employee attrition?

Attrition is a term commonly used in the business world to describe the reduction in the size of a company's workforce due to va...

Employee engagement ideas

Top employee engagement ideas to achieve success

Employee engagement, marked by a sense of connection, value, and commitment, is crucial for organizational success. It fosters p...

team engagement ideas

Team engagement ideas at work to boost productivity

Team engagement thrives with creative ideas such as engaging onboarding experiences, a flexible work environment, encouraging em...

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