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CTA HRIS Buyers Guide


Top HR influencers you should follow in 2024

These influencers have demonstrated expertise in various aspects of HR, from talent acquisition and employee engagement to HR te...

upskilling for AI in HR

Leveling up with AI in your HR – digital upskilling for recruitment

Imagine stepping into an office of the future where traditional paper files are obsolete, replaced by digital holograms displayi...

AI in employee retention

AI-powered employee retention: using data to reduce turnover

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, the ability to retain top talent is paramount. The cost of employee turn...


Organizational health: the key to sustained business success

As a business owner or HR professional, understanding and nurturing the health of your company is not just beneficial; it’...

on-demand pay

On-demand pay: the pros and cons of earned wage access

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, employee expectations are driving significant transformations. Among these changes ...


Career cushioning: a new trend and a call for action

Meet Claudia Feinstein, an experienced project manager at a bustling tech startup. It’s a typical Monday morning, and she’s quie...

awkward hr questions

How to use automation to avoid the awkward HR questions

Larry wondered if dating someone from work was a good idea. He really liked a person who worked near him, but he wasn’t su...


What is Quittok? And what can you do about it?

You open your inbox and see an email from your CEO with the subject line, “What the heck is this?” The email includes a link to ...

data security in your HRIS

Ensuring data security in your HRIS implementation

As the reliance on digital solutions increases, so does the risk of data breaches and security threats. Ensuring the security of...

AI-human relationship

Your best co-worker yet: the human-AI working relationship

As HR professionals, we’ve all lost a co-worker to another opportunity, retirement, or for some other reason, and while that co-...

Evil HR Lady hot takes

Evil HR Lady: four hot takes on hot topics in HR

When I was a teenager, my mother told me I should become a senator. Why? Because of this lovely little thing called the “filibus...


How to write an RFP for HRIS to select the right vendor

If you’re a hiring professional or company owner considering an investment in HR software, determining the best fit is cru...

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