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WeyMedia: insights on mitigating recruitment headaches

WeyMedia is an East Coast fintech startup that operates a pair of personal finance-focused websites, moneyGenius and creditcardG...

LYTT: A sevenfold increase in LinkedIn followers over 3 years

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing and talent acquisition, leveraging social media platforms is crucial for brand visibil...

tech event planning

Tech events: how to sponsor them – and how to participate

Participating in and sponsoring technology events can be an effective way to increase your company’s visibility, build bra...

AI Marketing for recruitment

AI is changing recruitment marketing – your next move

Many recruiters are eager to adopt new technologies that can improve their workflow and streamline time-consuming and tedious pr...


Juneteenth: 5 ways employers can recognize the holiday

On June 17, 2021, U.S. President Biden signed legislation officially recognizing June 19 — or Juneteenth — as a U.S. federal hol...

anxiety at work

Anxiety in the workplace: it’s affecting everyone in different ways

A common theme throughout the work world – and society in general – is the impact of the pandemic on mental health, and ultimate...

layoffs: how to support your workers after letting them go

Layoffs: how to support your workers after letting them go

Laying off employees can be one of the hardest decisions to make as an employer. Which bears the question, how do you support yo...

Hybrid work: the middle ground of the in-office vs. remote debate

Back in the scary early days of the pandemic in 2020, the shift to remote work in 2020 was swift and staggering. Our original Ne...

15 workplace horror stories we wish were not real

Workplace horror stories we wish were not real

We asked a few people to share their most terrifying work experiences and their answers got us mixed feelings: from giggles and ...

Starved for talent? Support the freelance lifestyle at your work

We’re currently seeing a broad cultural shift in the way we think about work and personal responsibilities. Though they generall...

Do Your Corporate Values Reflect Reality?

Do your corporate values reflect reality?

Many new employees experience buyer’s remorse in their first few months, as they come to realize the differences between what th...

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