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The new Workable and Criteria Corp integration is live

Workable integrates with Criteria

In our last post we announced the launch of our Developer Partner Program and API. This is exciting for us, as we can expand Wor...


The problems with employee integrity tests

Integrity tests aim to measure honesty, dependability, and work ethic, but they come with several challenges. These include pote...

Pre-employment testing: pros and cons

Pre-employment testing can predict the quality of hire under certain conditions. These tests should be legal, job-related, and w...

The world’s most enduring personality test is a meaningless parlor game

If you work for a large organization you’re probably already aware that yours is one of 16 distinct personality types. You may b...

How to assess soft skills in an interview

How can you tell whether a candidate who looks good ‘on paper’ will be good ‘in person’? Soft skills make all the difference. So...

Pre-employment testing: a selection of popular tests

Pre-employment tests provide an objective measure of a candidate's qualifications, skills, and suitability for a role. They can ...

pre-employment assessment test

Evaluate candidates with a pre-employment assessment test

A pre-employment assessment test is a standardized method used by employers to evaluate a candidate's suitability for a job role...

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