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Marketing Operations Specialist job description

A Marketing Operations Specialist is a professional responsible for executing marketing campaigns, managing marketing automation systems like HubSpot, ensuring database accuracy, and analyzing campaign performance to optimize marketing strategies.

Alexandros Pantelakis
Alexandros Pantelakis

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Use this Marketing Operations Specialist job description template to advertise open roles for your company. Be sure to modify requirements and duties based on the unique needs of the role you’re hiring for.

What is a Marketing Operations Specialist?

A Marketing Operations Specialist is an integral member of the marketing team, focusing on the technical and analytical aspects of marketing campaign execution. This role involves managing the marketing automation platform, ensuring data accuracy, and leveraging data to drive marketing decisions.

Specialists in this field are adept at navigating marketing technologies to streamline operations, enhance campaign effectiveness, and measure results against defined metrics.

What does a Marketing Operations Specialist do?

A Marketing Operations Specialist orchestrates the backend of marketing campaigns, from building and testing to execution. They manage the marketing automation system, creating workflows, emails, and landing pages to support various teams. By maintaining the marketing database, they ensure data integrity and segmentation for targeted campaigns.

This role requires close collaboration with sales to align on campaign follow-ups and reporting on campaign performance to inform future strategies.

Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining compliance with legal standards in marketing communications. Their analytical skills are crucial for defining success metrics and optimizing marketing efforts based on data-driven insights.

Marketing Operations Specialist responsibilities include:

  • Executing and managing marketing campaigns across various channels
  • Administering marketing automation systems and ensuring database hygiene
  • Defining goals, success metrics, and reporting on marketing program results
  • Ensuring compliance with privacy and communication regulations

Job brief

We’re seeking a Marketing Operations Specialist to enhance our marketing efforts through expert management of our HubSpot automation system and meticulous execution of diverse marketing campaigns.

In this role, you’ll ensure our marketing database is pristine, our campaigns are impactful, and our strategies are data-driven. You’ll work closely with sales and marketing to align on objectives, ensuring seamless follow-up on leads generated from our campaigns.

If you’re a detail-oriented marketer with a passion for data and process optimization, join us in driving our brand’s growth.


  • Build, test, and execute marketing campaigns using various channels.
  • Administer the HubSpot marketing automation system, including workflows, emails, landing pages, and list imports.
  • Manage marketing projects with precision, using scalable playbooks.
  • Define goals and success metrics for marketing programs, reporting on results.
  • Maintain database hygiene, perform data migrations, and create segments.
  • Communicate with sales for effective marketing campaign follow-up.
  • Ensure compliance with privacy and communication regulations.

Requirements and skills

  • Familiarity with marketing automation software (HubSpot preferred).
  • Experience in supporting sales and marketing in a software company.
  • Detail-oriented, self-reliant, and process-driven mindset.
  • Ability to work independently with excellent communication skills.
  • Direct experience with Salesforce and knowledge of HTML or other development languages is a plus.

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