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HR manager average salary

The US National Average salary for an HR Manager is $70,296. This figure is a culmination of data from Glassdoor, which lists an average of $67,918, and, which reports a higher average of $72,674.

How much does a human resource manager make in a year?

Among HR managers, the top 90% can expect salaries up to $99,000. On the lower end, the bottom 10% have salaries not exceeding $51,000. Additionally, Glassdoor suggests that with bonuses and other compensations, the earnings of an HR Manager can surge to as much as $79,519. The graphic below shows the lowest and highest salaries based on all of our sources. The average range was calculated by combining the average amounts from Glassdoor and Payscale.

hr manager salary profile

Career Outlook

According to, entry-level HR Managers with less than five years of experience are paid $56,000 on average. During their mid-career, they see their average salary rising to $78,000. Further experience doesn’t influence their salary much, reaching only $80,000 on average after more than 20 years in the profession.

HR Managers are most often promoted to the roles of Human resources (HR) Director, while some may advance to VP of Human Resources (HR) if they work in the IT industry. They can further become Chief HR Officers.

Top Paying US cities

Geography plays a significant role in determining the salary of an HR Manager. Cities with a higher cost of living and booming industries often offer higher compensations. Based on Zippia these are the top paying US cities:

  • Washington: $95,730
  • New York: $90,216
  • Nevada: $82,410
  • California: $89,937
  • Connecticut: $85,399

Job Description & Interview Questions

Human Resources managers lead HR departments, reporting usually to HR Directors. HR manager responsibilities include correct implementation of strategy and organizing daily operations. The Human Resources (HR) Manager job description also involves conflict resolution and performance evaluation. HR manager interview questions should be geared towards their key skills and various HR manager duties, an important step in understanding how to hire a human resources (HR) manager.

Skills and Qualifications

The role of an HR Manager is both strategic and operational, requiring a blend of hard and soft skills. Their in-depth knowledge of regulations ensures that the organization remains compliant in all HR practices, from hiring to benefits administration.

Proficiency in Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) allows them to efficiently manage employee data, track performance metrics, and streamline HR processes.

Additionally, their expertise in performance management ensures that employees are evaluated fairly and provided with opportunities for growth, aligning individual aspirations with organizational goals. Their academic foundation is typically rooted in a Bachelor’s degree, with fields like business administration, finance, information technology, or education being prevalent.

Beyond these technical competencies, HR Managers possess a range of interpersonal skills that are crucial for their role. Their ability to manage employee relations is paramount, as they often mediate conflicts, counsel employees, and foster a positive work environment.

Effective communication skills enable them to convey organizational policies and goals clearly, ensuring alignment across departments.

Their leadership capabilities, combined with their understanding of organizational behavior, allow them to drive HR initiatives that support business strategies. As the HR landscape continues to evolve, continuous professional development and staying abreast of industry trends further solidify their position as key organizational leaders.

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