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HR generalist average salary

The US average salary of a Human Resources Generalist is reported to be $55,880 on Glassdoor. According to data from Payscale.com, the average HR Generalist salary is a little lower at $49,895. Their combined average is $52,888. The lowest paid ten percent is paid up to $37,000 while 90 percent of HR Generalists do not get paid more than $67,000.

What is a human resource generalist salary?

What is a human resource generalist salary?

Career Outlook

When HR generalists enter the field, they are paid an average of $46,000, according to Payscale.com. As they proceed to gain experience their salary may go up to $51,000 in 10 years. After that point, their salary doesn’t change significantly, reaching up to an average of $54,000 in their late-career.

HR Generalists typically report to an HR business partner or HR manager. They can advance to these positions after several years of experience. They usually enter the field as HR generalist, although occasionally they are promoted from the position of HR assistant.

Top Paying US cities

  • San Francisco: $62,041
  • New York: $60,161
  • Washington: $57,853
  • Boston: $57,330
  • Seattle: $55,121

Job Description & Interview Questions

The HR Generalist is typically an entry-level position into the HR field. HR generalist responsibilities include supporting the HR department in talent & development, compensation & benefits and performance. The HR generalist job description also involves HR generalist duties such as record-keeping and resolving issues. HR generalist interview questions should be used to discover whether a candidate has the key HR generalist skills.

Skills & Qualifications

HR generalists typically require a Bachelor’s degree. They may come from a variety of disciplines but HR training is desirable. Key HR generalist skills include performance management, compensation & benefits administration and employee relations.

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