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Employee Benefits and Perks

Employees need to be well-informed about benefits and perks your company offers. Use this template as a guide and include it in your complete Employee Handbook.

Download this template in a .doc format by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Keep in mind that this template is not a legal document and may not take into account all relevant local or national laws. Please ask your attorney to review your finalized policy documents or Handbook.


  • Employee health
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Work from home
    • Remote working
  • Employee expenses
  • Company car
  • Parking
  • Company-issued equipment

Benefits and perks template

In this section, we describe what we offer to our employees. We provide information on our health insurance plans and benefits like work from home options and company-issued equipment.

Employee health

Employee health is important to us. We don’t discriminate against people with disabilities or health conditions, but we want to do everything possible to help employees stay healthy. At a minimum, we provide [group health insurance] to all eligible employees. For more information about our insurance package, contact HR.

[Insert this if you have more than 20 employees in the U.S: According to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), you may choose to continue your group health benefits for a limited period after leaving our company. This can happen after you experience a qualifying event, i.e. termination for reasons other than gross misconduct and reduction in your hours of employment. Covered spouses and children may also be able to extend their health coverage after certain qualifying events. Please ask HR for guidance.]

We have also established non-smoking and substance abuse policies to protect employee health. We will create a workplace with minimal noise and good lighting and offer [free healthy snacks, wellness programs.]

Workers’ compensation

We strive to keep our workplace safe, but accidents may happen occasionally. Employees who are injured at work (by accident or disease) can receive wage replacement, medical care and rehabilitation benefits according to workers’ compensation laws, when appropriate. Please inform us of your injury as soon as possible. Ask HR for forms that you need to file a claim or contact your state agency for workers’ compensation.

Our company has a workers’ compensation policy according to guidelines of the states (or countries) we operate in. [Insert summary of your workers compensation insurance packages and details on who will handle workers’ compensation when employees are injured. If you operate in multiple states or countries, mention any specific guidelines and, if possible, provide employees with contact details of workers compensation boards for the states or countries you operate in.]

Work from home

If your job doesn’t require you to be present at our premises, you can occasionally work from home (WFH). We normally allow [one day per week.] If you need to telecommute for more days per week, talk to your manager.

Please inform your manager that you want to work from home [using our HRIS] at least [two days] in advance. [You can also set a recurring WFH day per week.] If there’s a rare emergency, you may work from home without having received prior approval, but call or email your manager as soon as possible. If they are in a different time-zone, contact HR instead.

When you are working from home, please use an internet connection and devices that are fast and secure. Choose a place without loud noises or distractions. And, check in with your team frequently to make collaboration easier.

If there is inclement weather (e.g. a blizzard) please check your [email] to see if the office is officially closed. If you judge that your commute during inclement weather is dangerous, let us know. We will not force you to come to work if your safety is at stake or if there is an official travel warning.

Remote working

Remote working refers to working from a non-office location on a temporary or permanent basis.

If you’re an office-based employee, you may work remotely for a maximum of [two consecutive weeks] per year. You may arrange this if you [are a new parent or suffer from a short-term disability.] If you have another reason, talk to your manager. Submit your remote working requests [through our HRIS] at least [one week] in advance.

If you work remotely permanently, we ask that you adhere to our security, confidentiality and equal opportunity policies just like your office-based colleagues.

Employee expenses

There are some expenses that we will pay directly on your behalf (e.g. hotel rooms for work-related travel.) But, we ask you to keep track and report on those reimbursable expenses that you pay yourself. We reimburse employee expenses that are related to:

  • [Business travel]
  • [Relocation]
  • [Education and training]
  • [Upon approval, outings with business partners or colleagues]

Not all travel expenses are reimbursable. For example, we will pay for your transportation to an airport for work-related travel, but not to a museum for a personal visit. Before traveling for business, contact HR to clarify which expenses are reimbursable within your particular trip.

Please keep receipts for all reimbursable expenses. You can submit them to your manager [through our expense software] within [three months] after the date of each expense. If your manager approves your expenses, you will receive your reimbursement within [two] pay periods [by check.]

Company car

You may drive a company car if you:

  • Need it as an indispensable part of your job (e.g. truck drivers and delivery drivers.)
  • Receive it as a benefit attached to your job.

Either way, your car belongs to our company. You may use your company vehicle for personal reasons as our company car policy permits. You will get reimbursed only for approved, business-related expenses.

To get a company car, you should have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record for at least [two years.] Drive safe and sober and respect traffic laws and fellow motorists. You should also check your car regularly to ensure gas, tire pressure and all car fluids are at appropriate levels.

We expect you to avoid:

  • Smoking in a company car.
  • Leasing, selling or lending a company car.
  • Using a company car to teach someone how to drive.
  • Leaving your company car unlocked, unattended or parked in dangerous areas.
  • Allowing unauthorized people to drive a company car, unless an emergency mandates it.

On our part, we will ensure that our cars are safe and in good condition, as well as appropriately insured.


If you are involved in an accident with a company car, contact our HR department immediately, so we can get in touch with our insurance provider. You shouldn’t accept responsibility or guarantee payment to another person without authorization.

Follow this policy’s guidelines to avoid disciplinary action. For minor offenses, like allowing unauthorized people to drive a company car, we will reprimand you or reclaim your car. But for more serious offenses, like causing an accident while intoxicated, we may terminate you.


We will prioritize parking space assignments for [employees with disabilities, executives and employees who drive company vehicles.] We will then allocate our remaining parking spaces on a first-come, first-served basis. Interns and trainees may also receive parking spaces. If you want to receive a parking spot, file your request with our [HR department/ facilities manager.]

We expect you to keep our parking lot clean and use only your assigned space. Please behave responsibly to avoid causing damage, injury or loss of property.

We will not assume any liability for theft, vandalism, fire or damage regarding an employee’s vehicle in our parking lot.

Company-issued equipment

As an employee, you may receive [company cell phone, laptop or other device, furniture.] Unless otherwise mentioned in your contract, any equipment we offer belongs to our company and you may not sell it or give it away. You are also responsible for keeping our equipment safe and in as good condition as possible. If your equipment breaks or malfunctions, let us know so we can arrange to get it repaired.

If you are part of our corporate cell phone plan, please use your phone within our plan’s restraints. You may have to pay any extra charges yourself.

Theft and damage of company equipment

Our equipment is insured for theft and damage. We ask you to inform us within [24 hours] if your equipment is stolen or damaged. We might be able to trace stolen laptops and cell phones. Please also file a theft statement (affidavit) with the police and submit a copy to us.

Security of company issued devices

We advise you to keep your company-issued computer, tablet and cell phone secure. You can do this if you:

  • Keep all devices password-protected.
  • Ensure you do not leave your devices unattended.
  • Install security updates for browsers and other systems as soon as updates are available.
  • Log into company accounts and systems through secure and private networks only.
  • Follow all instructions for disk encryption, anti-malware protection and password management that you received along with your equipment.
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