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Linda Le Phan

Linda Le Phan

Linda is a Boston-based content writer who crafts content for human-centric B2B brands. With nearly 10 years writing for tech and HR startups, she covers topics ranging from remote work and productivity, to recruitment and employer branding, to mental health and the future of work. Her goal is to promote transparency, empathy, and honest introspection within companies and their leaders. Find her on LinkedIn

recruiting tactics

7 recruiting tactics that work for this talent market – and 3 that won’t

As we kick off the new year, it would be awesome to shed the high rates of turnover, disengagement, and hiring challenges that h...

remote employee mental health

How to take care of your remote employees’ mental health

Though the COVID-19 pandemic centers around an infectious disease that impacts the physical human body, its impact has been cata...

4 employee value proposition examples to survive the Great Resignation

Workers are quitting in record numbers this year and it’s causing an already challenging post-pandemic season to be almost unman...

return-to-work plan

Remote, hybrid or back to the office? How to decide on the right return-to-work plan for your company

After a long period of social distancing and having no choice but to adapt to a 100% remote work setup, things are returning to ...

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