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Architect job description

An Architect is a professional who turns building design into reality. They develop concepts for structures and then work with engineers to make sure those designs can function as desired in their intended setting or project goal. Beyond operational standards, Architects also need to meet safety standards to ensure no harm to the users.

Architect responsibilities include:

  • Controlling projects from start to finish to ensure high quality, innovative and functional design
  • Using the construction “brief” to identify clients’ needs and put together feasibility reports and design proposals
  • Developing architecture in line with client’s needs, building’s usage and environmental impact

architect job description

Job brief

We are looking for a right-brained Architect to perform all phases of architectural work including planning, designing and overseeing the construction. You will be involved in new building designs, extensions, alterations, restorations and conservations from the earliest stages right through to completion. The goal is to match client’s needs and to produce sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.


  • Control project from start to finish to ensure high quality, innovative and functional design
  • Take the “brief” to identify clients’ needs and put together feasibility reports and design proposals
  • Develop ideas keeping in mind client’s needs, building’s usage and environmental impact
  • Produce detailed blueprints and make any necessary corrections
  • Compile project specifications
  • Keep within budgets and timelines
  • Ensure that all works are carried out to specific standards, building codes, guidelines and regulations
  • Make on site visits to check on project status and report on project
  • Cooperate and liaise with construction professionals
  • Follow architectural trends and advancements

Requirements and skills

  • Proven working experience as an Architect
  • Strong portfolio to prove artistic skills
  • Expert knowledge of building products, construction details and relevant rules, regulations and quality standards
  • Excellent drawing skills and familiarity with design software (Adobe Photoshop, SketchUp, 3d Studio VIZ or similar)
  • Strong imagination and the ability to think and create in three dimensions
  • Visual awareness and an eye for detail
  • Communication and project management skills
  • BS degree in Architecture

Frequently asked questions

What does an Architect do?

Architects design structures and spaces, from office buildings to homes. They might also be in charge of planning outdoor areas like stadiums or parks, but they often work with clients on architectural projects.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an Architect?

An Architect will begin by discussing and agreeing on the initial proposal. They then develop final construction plans that show what is to be built, including its appearance or details like air conditioning systems, ventilating options for windows, and other related equipment such as electrical wiring.

What makes a good Architect?

An Architect must have vision and creativity for their designs to meet and exceed expectations while looking at every opportunity where innovation can be promoted. Other essential skills include resourcefulness, foresight, collaboration, and leadership.

Who does an Architect work with?

Architects work directly with clients to understand their goals and develop plans. They also consult with Engineers and work with Construction Managers to oversee the process.

Hiring Architect job description

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