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VP of Human Resources (HR) average salary

The US National Average salary for a VP of Human Resources is $166,000. This figure is a culmination of data from Glassdoor, which lists an average of $186,140, and, which reports a lower average of $146,755.

How much does a vice president of human resources make?

Among VPs of HR, the top 90% can expect salaries up to $202,000. On the lower end, the bottom 10% have salaries not exceeding $93,000. Additionally, Glassdoor suggests that with bonuses and other compensations, the earnings of HR VPs can surge to as much as $315,501. The graphic below shows the lowest and highest salaries based on all of our sources. The average range was calculated by combining the average amounts from Glassdoor and Payscale.

VP HR salary profile

Career Outlook

The trajectory for VPs of Human Resources is both rewarding and challenging. Initially, when stepping into this role, they can expect an average salary of around $88,000. However, as they accumulate experience and navigate the complexities of the position, their compensation sees a notable increase.

After dedicating five years to the role, their average earnings can rise to approximately $124,000. A decade in this position further solidifies their expertise, pushing their average salary close to $149,000.

For those who have weathered the industry’s challenges and remained in this role for over two decades, the rewards are even more substantial, with their average compensation reaching around $155,000.

The IT industry, in particular, has a significant demand for VPs of HR. In such settings, they often find themselves reporting to a Chief HR Officer or, in some cases, directly to the CEO.

Their journey to this esteemed position often begins with roles like HR Director, HR Consultant, or HR Manager. As top executives of the HR department, they wield considerable influence, with all HR personnel, whether directly or indirectly, looking up to them for guidance and leadership.

Their role is not just about managing but also about mentoring and shaping the future of the HR department.

Top Paying US cities

Geography plays a significant role in determining the salary of a VP of Human Resources. Cities with a higher cost of living and booming industries often offer higher compensations. Based on Zippia these are the top paying US cities:

  • Alaska: $218,692
  • Nevada: $186,608
  • Minnesota: $184,507

Job Description & Interview Questions

The VP of HR job description involves managing all human resources operations in the organization towards legal compliance and strategic vision. VP of HR responsibilities also involve labor relations and development of best HR practices. VP of HR interview questions should be selected carefully considering the importance of this position. They should thoroughly explore the key skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this position

Skills & Qualifications

A VP of Human Resources is not just a title but a testament to one’s leadership and strategic vision. Their role demands a deep understanding of international human resources and labor relations, ensuring that the organization remains compliant across borders while fostering a positive work environment.

This expertise is paramount in aligning the HR department’s goals with the broader objectives of the company, making them an invaluable asset in the boardroom.

On the other hand, their responsibilities also delve into the intricacies of organizational development. According to, strategic planning is a key skill, allowing them to anticipate and adapt to the dynamic landscape of human resources.

Beyond these core competencies, a VP of HR should also be proficient in performance management and full-cycle recruiting. These skills, though secondary, are essential in ensuring that the company not only attracts but also nurtures and retains top-tier talent, further solidifying their role as a cornerstone of the organization’s success.

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