VP of Human Resources (HR) average salary

Glassdoor indicates an average salary of $147,334 for this role. The US average salary reported from Payscale.com is slightly lower at approximately $128,316. Their combined average is $137,825. The maximum salary for 90 percent of VPs of HR is $190,000 with 75 percent being paid less than $160,000. The lowest paid 10 percent doesn’t earn more than $81,000 on average. According to further data from Payscale.com, the salary of HR VPs may reach $223,294 with bonuses and other means of compensation.

How much does a vice president of human resources make?

How much does a vice president of human resources make?

Career Outlook

Newly appointed VPs of HR earn an average salary of $88,000. More experience translates in significant rises to $103,079 after five years of experience and approximately $130,000 after ten years. In their late career, with more than 20 years as VPs of HR, they see their average salary reach $140,000.

VPs of HR are frequently encountered in the IT industry where they may report to a Chief HR officer or directly to the CEO. They can be promoted from the position of HR Director, HR Consultant or HR Manager. They are top executives of the HR department with all HR personnel reporting directly or indirectly to them.

Top Paying US cities

  • New York: $168,581
  • Chicago: $166,078

Job Description & Interview Questions

The VP of HR job description involves managing all human resources operations in the organization towards legal compliance and strategic vision. VP of HR responsibilities also involve labor relations and development of best HR practices. VP of HR interview questions should be selected carefully considering the importance of this position. They should thoroughly explore the key skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this position

Skills & Qualifications

A VP of HR is in a position of high responsibility so leadership is an important element of the VP of HR skills. Key VP of HR qualifications revolve around key skills such as international human resources, labor relations, organizational development and strategic planning, according to Payscale.com. Less important yet useful skills involve performance management and full-cycle recruiting.


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