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What is hybrid recruiting?

In an era where flexibility and adaptability are not just valued but expected, hybrid recruiting has emerged as a pivotal strate...


What is people analytics – HR practices for the future

What is the concept of people analytics, its distinction from traditional HR practices, and its importance in modern HR manageme...


Top HR terms any HR professional should know today

Whether it’s terminology or jargon, the HR mind is always ready to learn and face new challenges. You’re the driver,...

awkward hr questions

How to use automation to avoid the awkward HR questions

Larry wondered if dating someone from work was a good idea. He really liked a person who worked near him, but he wasn’t su...


How to write an RFP for HRIS to select the right vendor

If you’re a hiring professional or company owner considering an investment in HR software, determining the best fit is cru...

company policies you should have

18 policies every organization should have (+templates)

Bringing the human factor to the forefront, policies foster employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity by promoting tra...

common pitfalls in HRIS implementation

Avoiding common pitfalls in HRIS implementation

An HRIS can effectively shorten the ramp to full productivity. Additionally, it will assist your organization’s HR team in...

Optimize your Hybrid work environments

Optimize your hybrid work environments – Here’s how

The era of endless pajama days is officially over for most companies. Now, employees need to divide their time between the home ...

AI-driven HR KPIs

What are the new KPIs for HR in this new AI-driven world?

This article delves into the new KPIs for an AI-driven HR world, offering insights into how organizations can navigate this tran...


What is PTO in business? Benefits, differences, and tools

PTO plays a crucial role in promoting work-life balance, reducing burnout, and enhancing overall job satisfaction.  This article...

fake paternity leave hr actions

‘I’m faking my paternity leave’: a Reddit post calls for HR action

From feigned illnesses to concocted personal emergencies, the lengths to which some employees will go to exploit benefits system...

talent mapping

How to implement talent mapping in your organization

This article delves into the essence of talent mapping, its strategic benefits, and a practical guide for implementation, aiming...

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