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Organizational health: the key to sustained business success

As a business owner or HR professional, understanding and nurturing the health of your company is not just beneficial; it’...


Career cushioning: a new trend and a call for action

Career cushioning, a strategic approach for job security involving networking, upskilling, and exploring side gigs, grows amid e...


What is Quittok? And what can you do about it?

You open your inbox and see an email from your CEO with the subject line, “What the heck is this?” The email includes a link to ...

predictive analytics for employee retention

Predictive analytics: why it matters for employee retention

Predictive analytics in HR leverages data and AI to enhance decision-making, identifying at-risk employees and optimizing retent...

D&D work alignment charts: are you Leslie Knope or Homelander?

Ever wondered if you’re the Leslie Knope or the Homelander of your workplace? We've created a workplace chart based on the align...


What is chaotic working – and 7 things you can do about it

'Chaotic working' is #1 in the list of biggest workplace buzzwords of 2023. Why? What is it? We go into detail on the definition...

organizational trauma

Organizational trauma: what you can do to build resilience

Learn the impacts of intergenerational, workplace, and collective trauma, and solutions including the Sanctuary Model and disast...

executive dismissal

Executive dismissal at OpenAI: many lessons for businesses

OpenAI's firing of Sam Altman, followed by a reinstatement amidst employee backlash, highlights the importance of transparency a...

coffee badging

What is coffee badging – and what you can do about it

Get on top of the "coffee badging" phenomenon, a modern twist on workplace presenteeism. Learn why it reflects deeper issues wit...

workplace stories that will give you pumpkin-chills

6 workplace stories that will give you the pumpkin chills

We are happy to share with you once again some horrible workplace stories from employees. These real-life stories may seem un-BO...

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