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Grow your talent pool with AI 

Grow your talent pool with AI 

The increasing demand for skilled talent is a challenge for many companies so this why you need to grow your talent pool with AI...

chatgpt 4o HR

Four ways that ChatGPT 4o will improve your HR work

OpenAI doesn’t stop impressing us. Just when we think we’ve seen everything, a new breakthrough update comes along to change thi...

upskilling for AI in HR

Leveling up with AI in your HR – digital upskilling for recruitment

Imagine stepping into an office of the future where traditional paper files are obsolete, replaced by digital holograms displayi...

AI-human relationship

Your best co-worker yet: the human-AI working relationship

As HR professionals, we’ve all lost a co-worker to another opportunity, retirement, or for some other reason, and while that co-...

ChatGPT for career development planning

Use ChatGPT to make a career development plan, with prompts

Your responsibility to your team as an HR professional is to invest in your team members as much as they invest in your company....

How to write better HR policies with ChatGPT: a guide

Your HR policies are the gears that keep the machine of your business turning. Whenever you onboard a new employee, train someon...


What is reboarding and how it can boost retention rates

Reboarding or internal onboarding is the process of reintegrating employees into the workplace, whether they’re returning ...

AI supports rto

How can AI support your RTO efforts? Check our strategy

The truth is that the Return To Office (RTO) has brought a new trend, the hybrid work model. This has emerged as the new normal,...

how to use ChatGPT and Workable to create job descriptions

How to use ChatGPT & Workable to make better job descriptions

HR and recruiting is very human-centered work. It’s completely understandable why you might have doubts about using ChatGPT to d...


What is at-will employment? Examples and HR actions

Understanding at-will employment is crucial not only for employers navigating the legal landscape of hiring and firing but also ...

AI impact on job creation

AI has a positive impact on job creation, and we have proof of it

It’s about time to to shed light on the optimistic approach to AI and job creation, countering the fears of job loss with ...

chatgpt for remote hiring

ChatGPT for remote hiring: using AI to recruit beyond borders

We live in the age of AI, and the age of remote work. The beauty of hiring a remote team is that it gives you access to a global...

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