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HRIS sooner and cheaper

Why a growing business needs an HRIS soon (and cheaply, too)

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a tool that has become not just a luxury but a necessity for growing businesses as...

What is an HRIS

What even is an HRIS – and how to know you need one

For small business owners, the journey to effective human resource management is often fraught with challenges. Limited resource...


Employee time and attendance software policy template

A standardized time and attendance software policy offers HR professionals a clear framework to manage employee hours, reduce di...

AI for recruitment

How to use AI for recruitment

There’s been a lot of online discourse lately about the impact artificial intelligence (AI) may have on creative industries that...


Employee information form template

HR professionals have a critical need to maintain comprehensive employee information, which is usually protected by the company&...

AI recruitment software

How to choose the right AI recruiting software

Artificial intelligence seems to be optimizing everything lately, and the recruitment process is no exception. Finding, screenin...

employee management software

Choose the right employee management software: 8 top tips

After mastering the fine art of creating a good employee management strategy and establishing employee management best practices...

hr software for small businesses

What is the best HR software for small businesses?

As a small business owner, managing your employees and their HR needs can be a daunting task. The work that your employees do is...

HRIS software prices

HRIS software prices: how to choose an all-in-one HR solution

The people who power your organization are a significant asset. There is no denying that the employee experience has a direct ef...

best hr software

Choosing the best HR software for your business needs

Organizations can streamline their human resource processes by leveraging digital technology – namely, an effective Human ...

best free employee onboarding software

The best free employee onboarding software for 2023

Free employee onboarding software can automate and streamline the process without a big investment, but with great time and effi...

types of HR software

The different types of HR software: a quick overview

HR software creates paperless, efficient processes for the fundamental element of every company – Human Resources (HR). This sof...

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