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Employee experience

Believe it or not, keeping your employees engaged and happy is essential in hiring top talent. Utilize these resources to create the best experience for your employees and you’ll be sure to see the payouts for your efforts.

onboarding buddy

Νew hire struggling? Onboarding buddies can help you (+checklist)

We have all been in this position when starting a new job and finding ourselves struggling with easy, everyday tasks. We want to...


What is at-will employment? Examples and HR actions

At-will employment stands as a fundamental principle shaping the dynamics between employers and employees. This concept, while o...

Employee layoffs: HR lessons from Cloudflare’s incident

Recent events at Cloudflare have shown, in a hard way, the impact of HR from the beginning of the hiring journey to the end of i...

employee management solutions

Maybe a no-frills employee management tool is all you need

With a plethora of advanced HRIS (Human Resource Information System) solutions flooding the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed...

Employee locker policy template

Employee locker policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for the use of employee lockers at your organization. The purpose ...

Drug and alcohol policy template

The drug and alcohol policy provides guidelines on the acceptable use and misuse of drugs and alcohol within the workplace, ensu...


Medical leave policy template

This medical leave policy outlines the provisions and guidelines for employees seeking medical leave due to illness, injury, or ...

Can PTO be denied after approval

Can PTO be denied after approval?

Delving into the challenging domain of retracting previously approved PTO, this article explores both the legal and moral implic...


Acceptable use policy template

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a document outlining rules and guidelines for using an organization's IT resources, including ...


Employee moving or relocation expenses policy template

The employee moving or relocation expenses policy outlines the company's guidelines for reimbursing employees who need to reloca...

salary and job satisfaction

Why money alone can’t buy happiness at work

While higher salaries are often equated with job satisfaction, recent studies challenge this notion. Despite earning less, self-...


Employee handbook policy template

An employee handbook is a comprehensive document provided by a company to its employees, outlining policies, procedures, expecta...

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