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Attract top talent with recruitment marketing

Attract top talent with these tips for recruitment marketing

During a recent trip to Athens, I couldn’t help but overhear a fellow traveler engaged in a mobile phone conversation. Wha...

Build a Sales Team With ChatGPT

Build a sales team with ChatGPT – with prompt examples

Sales has always been a hyper-competitive, cutthroat field. With the evolution of ChatGPT and AI technology, it’s about to get a...

how to build a high-performing sales team

Build a high-performing sales team: your comprehensive guide

You may be a newly hired or appointed sales executive charged with building out a sales department to further company goals, or ...


What is payroll deduction?

Every employee receives a paycheck, but the amount they take home is often less than their total earnings. This difference is du...

HR and Finance collaboration

Can AI help HR and finance collaborate more smoothly?

When HR and finance work together, businesses thrive. But achieving a harmonious relationship between the two departments is, at...

workforce planning strategy

Workforce planning strategy in the AI-driven economy

AI is already having an impact on how we work, and it’s only going to become more prevalent in the years to come. An AI-dr...

surviving crisis

Chin up, recruiters and jobseekers: Expert tips for surviving crisis

Hiring data from the technical assessment platform, Coderbyte, illustrates the dramatic drop in the number of technical intervie...

COVID-19 business continuity plan

Your COVID-19 business continuity plan: Tips from a COO

“Flatten the curve” is a popular rally cry for mobilizing people against the spread of COVID-19. There’s another curve that bear...

building a sales team standardizing the recruitment process

Building a sales team globally: Do it right with these 6 easy steps

As a sales exec in a rapidly expanding organization, you have little room for error in building a sales team, especially when ex...

How to write a standout job offer email

What are the defining factors that will make a candidate accept your job? Your offer per se is what matters, but presentation al...

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