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Recruiting coordinator interview questions and answers

This sample of Recruiting coordinator interview questions can help you identify and select the ideal candidate to manage your company’s full recruitment cycle.

Christina Pavlou
Christina Pavlou

An experienced recruiter and HR professional who has transferred her expertise to insightful content to support others in HR.

recruiting coordinator interview questions

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Recruiting Coordinator Interview Questions

Recruiting coordinators are responsible for the hiring process from beginning to end. So, you should look for candidates who are familiar with every recruitment stage, from posting ads to job boards and evaluating resumes to conducting interviews and handling hiring paperwork.

Your ideal candidates should be able to deliver an overall recruitment strategy that is aligned with your company’s culture and needs. Use these interview questions, not only to evaluate your candidates’ qualifications, but also to spot those who are willing to go the extra mile. The Recruitment coordinator role requires a professional who is up-to-date with current methodologies and suggests new, effective recruitment strategies.

As with any Human Resources role, you should focus on identifying candidates with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. These interview questions will also help you to evaluate your candidates’ organizational and time management skills.

Operational and Situational questions

  • How would you organize a recruitment event for our company?
  • When is the recruitment for a position complete?
  • If the hiring team isn’t satisfied with the candidate shortlist you provided, what would you do next?
  • There’s an opening for a role you haven’t heard of before. How do you prepare the job description?

Role-specific questions

  • What’s your preferred sourcing method?
  • What tools for tracking and following up with candidates have you used?
  • Have you ever used social media to attract candidates?
  • Which type of interview is more effective for a salesperson and what type is more effective for a web developer?
  • What type of assessment tools (e.g. skills assessments and psychometric tests) are you familiar with?
  • How do you evaluate your recruitment methods?

Behavioral questions

  • Describe your most difficult assignment so far. How did you handle it?
  • What’s your biggest achievement?
  • Have you ever failed to complete the hiring process on time? What happened and what did you learn from that experience?
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