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Purchasing Agent job description

A Purchasing Agent is a  professional in charge of finding products for a company, whether to use them or resell them. They locate suppliers to research goods and services and process orders.

Purchasing Agent responsibilities include:

  • Developing profitable purchasing strategies
  • Assessing supplier profiles and analyzing offers
  • Preparing and implementing effective negotiation tactics

purchasing agent job description

Job brief

We are looking for a skilled Purchasing Agent to buy goods and services necessary for our business. You have the means and opportunity to raise our profits by making the most high-quality and cost-effective purchases.

The ideal candidate will have a keen eye for detail and a commercial mindset. You should know how to evaluate market conditions and different suppliers. Communication skills will help you negotiate effectively and maintain profitable relationships.

The goal is to acquire supplies that are critical for the success of our business operations.


  • Develop profitable purchasing strategies
  • Assess supplier profiles and analyze offers
  • Prepare and implement effective negotiation tactics
  • Manage relationships with key suppliers to maintain quality of goods, timely delivery and compliance to terms of contracts
  • Review supplies to ensure quality
  • Monitor stock levels
  • Prepare and submit detailed reports (revenues, buying expenditures etc.)
  • Keep updated records
  • Attend events, fairs and exhibitions to keep abreast of the market’s trends

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as a purchasing agent or relevant role
  • Demonstrable experience in negotiating prices and terms and conditions
  • Knowledge of market research, data analysis and purchasing best practices
  • Working knowledge of MS Office and purchasing software (e.g. SpendMap)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • A strong analytical mindset
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • BSc/BA in business administration or relevant field; MSc/MA will be considered a plus


Frequently asked questions

What does a Purchasing Agent do?

Purchasing Agents look at the availability of a product or service a company needs and technical support from knowledgeable providers in their fields. When researching the right product for their employer, they consider price and quality to ensure it fits within the company's needs.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Purchasing Agent?

Purchasing agents are responsible for researching and comparing suppliers, goods, and services. Then, they select the most suitable ones in terms of reliability, product quality, and cost-efficiency to ensure that their company is getting a good deal from the purchase.

What makes a Good Purchasing Agent?

A successful Purchasing Agent needs to have good communication abilities, negotiation skills, and customer service skills. It's also essential for Agents to know how to work with numbers, ensuring purchases line up with a company's budget.

Who does a Purchasing Agent works with?

Purchasing Agents work under Purchasing Managers, who assist companies in strategizing purchasing systems, tracking shipments, and ensuring orders are delivered and sustained on time. A Manager might also help create negotiation strategies when products or services are unreasonably priced.

Hiring Purchasing Agent job description

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