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Physician Assistant job description

A Physician Assistant is a healthcare professional who assists doctors in providing patient care, performing examinations, diagnosing conditions, and offering treatment. They contribute to delivering comprehensive medical services, improving patient outcomes, and supporting doctors in various healthcare settings.

Use this Physician Assistant job description sample to find reliable employees for your organization. Feel free to modify the physician assistant duties and responsibilities as well as the qualifications listed below to fit your specific needs.

Physician Assistant responsibilities include:

  • Assessing patients' health and their demands and aiming to fulfill them as well as possible
  • Issuing appropriate prescriptions and administering medicine
  • Informing physicians about any problems or discrepancies that might arise

physician assistant job description

Job brief

We are looking for a responsible Physician Assistant to support the doctors’ work and actively facilitate patients’ recovery. You will apply medical techniques and principles under the direction of a physician and you will deal with a diverse set of patients offering them care and encouragement.


  • Assess patients’ health and their demands and aim to fulfill them as well as possible
  • Issue appropriate prescriptions and administer medicine
  • Inform physicians about any problems or discrepancies that might arise
  • Acquire and review patient histories identifying abnormal conditions
  • Monitor patients’ progress and keep records of treatments, surgeries or other medical events
  • Attend to emergencies
  • Provide help during surgeries
  • Prepare patients for examinations and conduct routine procedures (measure blood pressure and temperature, administer injections etc)
  • Provide therapeutic treatments (disinfecting wounds, stitching etc.)
  • Cultivate a climate of trust and compassion for the patients
  • Comply strictly with medical care regulations and safety standards
  • Collaborate effectively with team members of various specializations

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Physician Assistant or Nurse
  • Knowledge of medical guidelines and procedures regarding examination, therapy and recovery
  • Familiarity with advancements in medical technology and current know-how
  • Problem solving skills and ability to multi-task
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Team player with good communication skills
  • BSc/MA in Physician Assistant Studies, Health Science or Medical Science

Frequently asked questions

What does a Physician Assistant do?

Physician Assistants work in many different areas of medicine, including primary care and family practice as well as in the emergency room. They diagnose patients, prescribe medicine where needed, and order tests, such as a CAT scan.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Physician Assistant?

Physician Assistants will perform patient exams, diagnose illnesses, and assist in surgery. They will order lab tests to determine the best treatment for patients with specific conditions or ailments related as needed by physicians' orders, writing prescriptions when appropriate.

What makes a good Physician Assistant?

Physician Assistants will be outstanding team members. They will need strong problem-solving skills, adaptability, and confidence in their abilities as well as excellent interpersonal communication abilities.

Who does a Physician Assistant work with?

Physician Assistants will work most closely with Medical Doctors. They will also work with other medical staff, such as Registered Nurses or Medical Technicians.

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