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Phone interview confirmation email

Use this phone interview confirmation email template to communicate with candidates. Once candidates have accepted your phone interview invitation, send them an email to confirm the date and time of the interview and set final details.

A phone interview confirmation email helps recruiters:

  • Confirm interviews after a verbal agreement with candidates.
  • Set the exact date and time of the interview, after checking candidates’ availability.
  • Remind candidates of the date and time of the interview, particularly if they’ve booked the appointment a while ago.
  • Ensure they have candidates’ correct contact details.

When writing this email, make sure your subject line is clear, otherwise candidates may not open your message. Also, keep your email brief and highlight the time and date you have scheduled. Make sure you use the correct time zones.

You can customize this phone interview confirmation email template to strike a more casual or formal tone, depending on your company culture. You could also refer to our phone interview questions to prepare yourself for phone screening calls with candidates.

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Phone interview confirmation email template

Email subject line

Confirmation for phone interview – [Company_name] / Phone interview with [Company_name] for the [Job_title] position

Email body

Hi [Candidate_Name] / Dear [Candidate_Name],

I would like to confirm your phone interview for the [Job_title] position. Below are the details of this call:

When: [date and time, e.g. Thursday, May 25, at 11 a.m] – the estimated duration is [e.g. 30] minutes
Where: Phone interview – I will call you at [e.g. 1-222-444-5555]
Who: [name and job title of the interviewer]

Please let me know if the phone number listed above is incorrect. Also, If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or at [e.g. 1-444-555-2222].

I look forward to talking with you and discussing this job opportunity at [Company_name].

Email sign off

All the best / Kind regards,

[Your name]

What should be included in a phone interview confirmation email?

A phone interview confirmation email is a crucial step in the hiring process, ensuring that both the interviewer and the candidate are aligned and prepared for the upcoming conversation. This email serves as a formal acknowledgment of the scheduled interview, providing all necessary details while also setting the tone for the upcoming interaction.

The email should begin with a personalized greeting, addressing the candidate by their full name, which establishes a direct and respectful connection. Following this, it’s essential to express appreciation for the candidate’s interest in the role and their availability for the phone interview. This initial acknowledgment serves to set a positive and anticipatory tone for the conversation.

The core of the email should provide the specifics of the phone interview. Clearly state the date and time of the scheduled call, ensuring there’s no room for ambiguity. It’s also beneficial to mention the expected duration of the interview, so the candidate can plan their day accordingly.

Given the nature of phone interviews, it’s crucial to specify who will initiate the call. If the interviewer will be calling the candidate, ensure you have the correct contact number. Conversely, if the candidate is expected to make the call, provide them with the necessary phone number and any other relevant details.

Beyond the logistical aspects, it’s a good practice to give a brief overview of what the candidate can expect during the interview. This could include the main topics of discussion, any specific areas of focus, or the names and roles of any other participants in the call. Such insights can help the candidate prepare more effectively and reduce potential anxiety.

Towards the end of the email, encourage the candidate to reach out if they have any questions or if they need further clarification on any aspect of the phone interview. This open invitation for dialogue ensures that any potential issues or misunderstandings are addressed promptly.

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