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Media Planner interview questions and answers

These sample Media Planner interview questions can help you test candidates’ marketing skills. Feel free to add any questions that are specific to your company and job requirements.

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Media Planner Interview Questions

Media Planners determine how and where to spend a company’s advertising budget (e.g. web, radio and TV.) They use their knowledge of the media landscape to attract target audiences and increase brand awareness.

Candidates for this role usually have a Marketing or Business Administration degree, along with advertising experience. They are also able to calculate, track and analyze marketing metrics, like ROIs and conversion rates. Look for candidates who are familiar using analytics tools (e.g. Moat and Nielsen IMS.)

Successful Media Planners are able to interpret consumer behavior and plan targeted ad campaigns. Keep an eye out for candidates who follow trends and are willing to try new, creative approaches to reach potential customers. Use the following interview questions to evaluate whether candidates are able to adjust to market challenges and identify new advertising opportunities.

Operational and Situational questions

  • How would you create a digital ad campaign on a tight budget?
  • If your manager asked for an overview of this quarter’s advertising campaigns, what information would you share and how would you present it?
  • An advertising channel you use drops significantly in effectiveness. What would you do: wait and see if the drop is temporary, invest more money in paid ads or remove the channel completely from your marketing mix? Why?
  • What social networks would you suggest using to advertise our company to a younger audience?

Role-specific questions

  • What are your main duties as a Media Planner? Which of those duties occupy most of your time on a regular day?
  • What’s your experience with analytics tools?
  • How can Facebook paid ads help a company’s overall advertising campaign?
  • What metrics do you track on a daily basis? How do you organize data in spreadsheets and reports?
  • What’s the best way to get customer feedback for our products/services?
  • How do you decide which channels to spend your advertising budget on?
  • How do you measure a campaign’s effectiveness? When do you know a campaign failed?
  • What are the best channels to use if you want to limit your advertising efforts to a specific geographical area?

Behavioral questions

  • Mention one company ad that you like. How do you think this ad helps build the company’s brand?
  • What’s your most successful project so far? What was your role in it and what results did you achieve?
  • How have you increased the company’s revenues in your current or previous positions?
  • Describe an idea you suggested and implemented (e.g. use a new channel to advertise your company’s products/services.) How did you come up with this idea and how did you measure its effectiveness?
  • What magazines/blogs/websites do you read to stay current with marketing trends?

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