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Mail Clerk interview questions and answers

Use these sample Mail Clerk interview questions to evaluate candidates’ administrative skills and make objective hiring decisions.

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Mail Clerk Interview Questions

Mail Clerks collect, sort and distribute company correspondence and packages. They also ensure outgoing mail reaches recipients on time and in good condition.

This position does not require a degree or certification. Candidates with relevant work experience, though, will be more familiar with relevant record-keeping practices and office equipment use. It’d be a good idea to test candidates’ knowledge of stock control (e.g. envelopes and correspondence paper.)

During interviews, keep an eye out for people who are highly organized, as they’ll have to maintain filing systems and keep track of delivery deadlines. Qualified candidates will also have good communication skills to accurately record mailing addresses and delivery times. If applicable, consider adding a computer skills test to your hiring process to evaluate candidates’ use of basic office applications, like email and calendar tools.

Operational and Situational questions

  • What information would you keep in a spreadsheet about incoming mail? (e.g. date, sender, description)
  • In which cases do you think express delivery is appropriate?
  • What would you do if a customer/partner claimed they had sent a package two weeks ago, but you hadn’t received it yet?
  • What would you do if you realized you sent a package to the wrong address?

Role-specific questions

  • What resources do you use to check how much a delivery costs?
  • Describe a regular day at work as a Mail Clerk. What are your main responsibilities?
  • What’s the process you follow to send a package to a client? Mention if and how you weigh the package and how you verify the recipient’s address.
  • Describe how you organize incoming mail. How and when do you distribute mail to appropriate departments or employees?
  • What office equipment have you used before?

Behavioral questions

  • Describe a time when your attention to detail saved you from making a mistake in the mailroom.
  • This job can be repetitive. How do you stay motivated?
  • How do you prioritize tasks? (e.g. when you have to send packages to multiple clients)
  • As part of your job, you will have to handle personal data and sensitive information. How will you ensure its confidentiality?

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