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Lead Researcher job description

A Lead Researcher identifies and qualifies sales leads through online research and verification calls, supporting sales teams in securing new deals by providing accurate and actionable information.

Alexandros Pantelakis
Alexandros Pantelakis

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February 5, 2024

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Use this Lead Researcher job description template to advertise open roles for your company. Be sure to modify requirements and duties based on the unique needs of the role you’re hiring for.

What is a Lead Researcher?

A Lead Researcher is a professional tasked with the identification and qualification of potential sales leads. This role involves extensive online research and direct communication to verify the accuracy of gathered information. The goal is to ensure that the sales team receives high-quality leads that can be converted into new deals.

The Lead Researcher plays a crucial part in the sales process by laying the groundwork for successful sales pitches and strategies.

What does a Lead Researcher do?

A Lead Researcher meticulously sifts through various online resources and employs verification techniques, including phone calls, to gather and confirm data about potential leads. This role requires a blend of analytical skills, creativity in research methods, and effective communication to ensure the information is accurate and useful.

The researcher works closely with the sales team, providing them with Qualified Sales Leads (QSL) that have a higher probability of conversion into successful deals.

This involves not just initial research but also continuous updating and refining of lead information to align with the sales team’s evolving needs and targets. The Lead Researcher’s contributions are vital for the sales team’s efficiency and success in securing new business opportunities.

Lead Researcher responsibilities include:

  • Researching outbound leads.
  • Passing Qualified Sales Leads (QSL) to the sales team.
  • Verifying information through online research and phone calls.
  • Cooperating with global teams, mainly Sales.

Job brief

We are seeking a dynamic Lead Researcher to join our team, playing a pivotal role in our sales process. In this position, you’ll be tasked with identifying, researching, and qualifying sales leads to support our ambitious growth targets.

Your work will involve detailed online research and direct verification to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the information provided to our sales team. This role is crucial for the development of new business opportunities and requires a blend of research skills, creativity, and persistence.

Join us and contribute to our continued success by empowering our sales efforts with high-quality leads.


  • Conduct detailed online research to identify potential sales leads.
  • Qualify leads by verifying information through online sources and direct phone calls.
  • Pass Qualified Sales Leads (QSL) to the sales team to facilitate new deals.
  • Work closely with the global team, especially the Sales team, to ensure the flow of actionable and accurate lead information.
  • Employ creative and efficient research strategies to continuously improve the quality of leads.

Requirements and skills

  • Fluent in English, with excellent communication skills for both research and verification purposes.
  • Naturally active, communicative, and able to work effectively in a global team environment.
  • Persistent, efficient, and creative in research approaches to consistently deliver high-quality leads.
  • Previous experience in online research or a similar role is highly advantageous.

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