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Interview feedback to candidates email

Use this interview feedback to candidates email template as part of your communication with applicants who interviewed at your company.

interview feedback to candidates email templateCandidates who have interviewed for a role at your company might want feedback after being rejected. Sending an interview feedback email to reject candidates will help you end things on a positive note and build relationships for future job openings.

Recruiters could choose to send interview feedback to candidates who reached the final stages of the hiring process. It’s a good idea to send feedback to inexperienced entry-level candidates, to encourage them to apply to future roles.

When you write an interview feedback email to candidates:

  • Give honest and specific feedback. Candidates don’t want vague responses, they want to hear why they didn’t qualify for the job.
  • Avoid legal issues. Refrain from discriminatory comments (e.g. “We’re looking for a younger individual to fill this role.”) Stick to job-related arguments (e.g. “While we are impressed by your educational experience, we are looking for someone with demonstrable X skills to fill this role.”)
  • Be genuine. Prompt candidates to apply in the future, only if you think they are qualified. Otherwise, a simple “Best of luck with your job search” will leave a good impression.

Customize this interview feedback to candidates email template to provide details about why you rejected them. You can also adopt a more casual or formal tone, depending on your company culture.

Interview feedback to candidates email template

Subject Line

Your application to [Company_name] for the [Job_title] position

Email body

Dear [Candidate_Name],

Thank you for taking the time to apply to [Company_name]. We wanted to let you know that we have chosen to move forward with a different candidate for the [Job_title] position.

Although our team was impressed with your [e.g. performance on the assignment / in-person communication / experience in X tool], we are looking for someone who [e.g. has more experience in Y / can take full responsibility for our sales goals / has native-level speaking abilities in Spanish.]

Now that we have had the chance to learn more about you, we will keep your resume on file for future openings that suit your qualifications. If you think you qualify for an open position in the future, and you would like to apply, please feel free to reach out.

Email sign off

Thanks again for your interest in [Company_name] and best of luck with your job search.

Kind regards,

[Your name]

What should be included in an interview feedback to candidates email?

Providing feedback after an interview is not just a procedural step but a reflection of a company’s professionalism and respect towards its candidates. The email should begin with a personalized greeting, addressing the candidate directly, followed by expressing gratitude for their time and interest in the position.

It’s essential to highlight the candidate’s strengths observed during the interview, offering a balanced perspective before delving into areas that might need improvement. Constructive and specific feedback allows the candidate to genuinely understand and learn from the observations.

If the candidate hasn’t been selected, this decision should be conveyed with compassion and clarity, emphasizing the role’s specific requirements rather than questioning their overall capabilities. Concluding on a positive note, expressing optimism about their future endeavors, ensures the candidate retains a favorable impression of the company, regardless of the outcome.

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