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Internal promotion offer email

Use this email template to announce an internal promotion to an employee. This email should follow a discussion and verbal agreement between the employee and their current manager to ensure the promotion aligns with the employee’s career goals.

An HR member can then send an email to make the promotion official and attach the updated employment contract.

Keep your email brief and use a positive tone to get your employee excited about their new role. Also, you can tweak and use this template when offering employees a new job in a different department.

Internal promotion offer email template

Subject line

Congratulations on your new role! / Your new employment contract

Email body

Dear / Hi [Employee’s name],

As discussed, we are happy to officially promote you to [Senior Account Manager / Team Leader] as of [date].

Attached you’ll find your updated contract that contains your new employment terms along with your compensation package and benefits. Please review and [come by the HR’s office to sign it / send back signed via email] until [date]. Feel free to reach out to me, should you have any questions.

Email sign off

We appreciate your hard work and commitment to the [Company_name] team for the past [two years]. We’re all looking forward to seeing you achieve great things in your new role.


[Your name]
[Your email signature]

What should be included in an internal promotion offer email?

An internal promotion offer email serves as both a formal notification and a celebratory message. Starting with a clear and uplifting subject line, such as “Congratulations on Your New Role, [Employee’s Name]!”, sets a positive tone right from the outset. The email should open with a personalized greeting, addressing the employee by their first name to foster a sense of familiarity and warmth.

The body of the email should commence by acknowledging the employee’s hard work, dedication, and significant achievements that have culminated in this promotion. This recognition not only celebrates the employee’s past contributions but also reinforces their value to the organization. Following this acknowledgment, it’s crucial to provide explicit details about the promotion. This includes the new title or role they’re being offered, a brief overview of the primary responsibilities, and any changes in their reporting structure.

Compensation is a pivotal aspect of any promotion. The email should outline any adjustments in salary, bonuses, or other benefits accompanying the new role. If these details are to be discussed separately, it’s essential to mention that a more detailed conversation will be scheduled. Alongside, the official start date for the new position should be clearly indicated, helping both the employee and the organization plan the transition seamlessly.

Training and onboarding are often part and parcel of stepping into a new role. If the promotion entails any specific training sessions, orientations, or onboarding processes, a brief overview should be provided. Alternatively, the employee can be informed that more details will be shared in due course.

Open communication is key. The email should extend an invitation to the employee to ask any questions or seek clarifications regarding their new role. This ensures that any uncertainties are addressed promptly. Additionally, if there are administrative or procedural steps to be taken, such as signing a new contract, these should be outlined.

Concluding the email, it’s essential to express genuine enthusiasm and excitement about the employee’s future in their new role. A warm sign-off, reiterating congratulations and looking forward to their continued success, wraps up the message on a high note. Lastly, any pertinent documents related to the promotion can be attached, ensuring the employee has all necessary information at their fingertips.

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