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Inside Sales Director job description

An Inside Sales Director is a strategic leader responsible for managing and growing an inside sales team in a company, focusing on developing sales strategies, team building, training, and achieving sales targets.

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Alexandros Pantelakis

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Use this Inside Sales Director job description template to advertise open roles for your company. Be sure to modify requirements and duties based on the unique needs of the role you’re hiring for.

What is an Inside Sales Director?

An Inside Sales Director is a pivotal role in a company’s sales structure, responsible for overseeing the internal sales team. This position involves strategizing and implementing effective sales techniques to enhance team performance and drive sales growth. The director plays a critical role in setting targets, managing resources, and ensuring the team aligns with the company’s overall sales objectives.

What does an Inside Sales Director do?

An Inside Sales Director leads and manages the inside sales team, focusing on optimizing sales processes and strategies. They are involved in recruiting and training new sales personnel, refining sales pitches, and setting ambitious sales targets.

The director is responsible for fostering a productive and positive team environment and ensuring the team has the necessary tools and skills to succeed. They actively monitor sales performance using analytics and CRM tools, identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

The director collaborates with other departments, such as marketing and customer service, to ensure a cohesive approach to sales and customer relations. They also represent the company at various events, promoting its products and services.

Inside Sales Director responsibilities include:

  • Developing and refining the team’s sales pitch.
  • Building and coaching a high-performing sales team.
  • Providing ongoing training and mentoring.
  • Monitoring analytics and dashboards for improved decision-making.

Job brief

We are seeking an experienced Inside Sales Director to lead our expanding sales team. In this role, you’ll be responsible for developing effective sales strategies, building a high-performing team through recruitment and coaching, and setting and achieving ambitious sales targets.

Your focus will be on refining sales pitches, providing ongoing training and mentorship, and ensuring operational excellence.

You’ll work closely with the VP of Sales and Sales Operations, actively monitoring sales analytics to improve decision-making and identify new opportunities. If you are results-driven with a proven track record in SaaS sales, we’d like to meet you.


  • Developing and refining the team’s sales pitch.
  • Building and coaching a high-performing sales team.
  • Providing ongoing training and mentorship.
  • Working closely with VP Sales and Sales Operations for operational success.
  • Monitoring analytics and dashboards for decision-making and opportunity identification.
  • Maintaining a results-driven culture within the team.
  • Representing the company at various events.

Requirements and skills

  • Results-driven mindset.
  • Experience in building and leading SaaS account management and sales teams.
  • Proven track record of achieving ambitious targets and quotas.
  • Experience selling into the SMB market.
  • Knowledge of SaaS economics.
  • Proficiency in Salesforce or similar CRM.

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