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HR officer average salary

The US National Average salary for an HR officer is $73,889. This figure is a culmination of data from Glassdoor, which lists an average of $65,071, and, which reports a higher average of $82,708.

How much does a human resources officer make?

Among HR officers, the top 90% can expect salaries up to $193,000. On the lower end, the bottom 10% have salaries not exceeding $49,000. Additionally, Glassdoor suggests that with bonuses and other compensations, the earnings of HR officer can surge to as much as $70,465. The graphic below shows the lowest and highest salaries based on all of our sources. The average range was calculated by combining the average amounts from Glassdoor and Payscale.

hr officer salary profile

Career Outlook

Human Resources Officers (HR Officers) with less than five years of experience earn an average salary of $54,000. As they progress in their career, they earn an average of $67,000 until they remain 10 years in this position. Between 10 and 20 years they see a higher rise in their salary to approximately $94,000 on average and an even greater boost in their late career approaching $120,000.

HR Officers report to HR managers, a position to which they most commonly get promoted, according to Payscale.

Top Paying US cities

Geography plays a significant role in determining the salary of an HR Officer. Cities with a higher cost of living and booming industries often offer higher compensations. Based on Zippia these are the top paying US cities:

  • Nevada $115,817
  • Connecticut $118,417
  • Rhode Island $107,469
  • Massachusetts $113,936
  • Washington $111,207

Job Description & Interview Questions

The HR Officer job description covers a wide spectrum of HR functions to support talent in the organization. HR officer duties extend from overseeing recruitment processes to managing employment conditions to promoting diversity and training opportunities. HR officer interview questions should discover their expertise in hiring processes, training & development and other functions.

Skills and Qualifications

An HR Officer’s role is multifaceted, requiring a blend of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills. Their expertise in employee relations is crucial, as they often serve as the bridge between the organization’s management and its employees.

This involves understanding the intricacies of compensation & benefits, ensuring that the organization remains competitive while adhering to legal standards.

Additionally, their prowess in recruitment is essential, as they are responsible for attracting, vetting, and onboarding new talent, ensuring a seamless integration into the company’s culture. Their academic foundation typically stems from a bachelor’s degree, with fields like business administration, psychology, English, or social studies being the most common.

Beyond their academic credentials, HR Officers often possess certifications that further validate their expertise in the field. For instance, a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from the HR Certification Institute is a testament to their commitment to the profession and their mastery of its nuances.

This certification, among others, equips them with the latest best practices in HR, ensuring that they can navigate the ever-evolving challenges of the role. Their continuous professional development, combined with their innate ability to understand and manage human dynamics, positions them as invaluable assets to any organization.

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