HR officer average salary

The US national average salary for a Human Resources Officer is $57,053 according to Self-reported data from Glassdoor indicate an average salary of $81,036. Their combined average is $69,044. The lowest paid ten percent of HR officers earn up to $35,000. Ninety percent of all HR Officers may earn up to $140,000 with three out of four earning less than $88,000.

How much does a human resources officer make?

How much does a human resources officer make?

Career Outlook

Human Resources Officers (HR Officers) with less than five years of experience earn an average salary of $44,000. As they progress in their career, they earn an average of $54,000 until they remain 10 years in this position. Between 10 and 20 years they see a higher rise in their salary to approximately $69,000 on average and an even greater boost in their late career approaching $88,000.

HR Officers report to HR managers, a position to which they most commonly get promoted, according to Payscale.

Job Description & Interview Questions

The HR Officer job description covers a wide spectrum of HR functions to support talent in the organization. HR officer duties extend from overseeing recruitment processes to managing employment conditions to promoting diversity and training opportunities. HR officer interview questions should discover their expertise in hiring processes, training & development and other functions.

Skills and Qualifications

Important HR Officer skills are geared towards employee relations, compensation & benefits and recruitment. They typically have a bachelor’s degree, more commonly in the fields of business administration, psychology, english or social studies. Certification, such as PHR from the HR Certification Institute, is also frequently encountered.


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