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HR consultant average salary

Human Resources consultant salary amounts to an average of $64,008 in the US, according to data from Glassdoor. Payscale indicates a slightly higher average HR consultant salary of $67,591. Their combined average is $65,799. The upper 10 percent of HR consultants are paid more than $100,000, while the lowest 10 percent earns less than $44,000. In consultancy firms, HR consultants may be additionally rewarded with bonuses.

How much do HR consultants get paid?

How much do HR consultants get paid?

Career Outlook

HR consultants with less than five years of experience earn $60,000 on average according to Payscale. In their mid-career their salary rises to $71,000. In their first decade as experienced HR Consultants they earn $81,000 and after 20 years they can be paid up to $94,000 on average.

When HR Consultants are employed in consultancy firms they typically report to Lead Consultants in HR. They can become Lead consultants after several years of experience. In other settings, they may advance to the position of HR Manager or HR Director. Benefits manager is another, though less common, career path.

Top Paying US cities

  • Los Angeles: $96,553
  • San Francisco: $93,273
  • Houston: $75,543
  • New York: $73,697
  • Minneapolis: $73,697

Job Description & Interview Questions

The HR consultant job description revolves around advising on HR situations and implementing HR initiatives. These initiatives may refer to a variety of HR functions such as organizational development, compensation and benefits or talent management. HR consultant interview questions should be crafted to reflect all aspects of HR consultant responsibilities.

Skills & Qualifications

HR consultant qualifications usually consist of graduate degrees and experience. Except for deep knowledge of HR functions, key HR consultant skills are project management, organizational change and analysis.

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