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HR assistant average salary

The US National Average salary for a Human Resources Assistant is $46,300. This figure is derived from data provided by Glassdoor, which indicates an average salary of $45,705, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which lists the average at $46,900.

How much does a human resource assistant make?

Among HR Assistants, 90% have salaries up to $62,580, while the lowest earners receive around $32,240 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). On an hourly basis, as reported by, 90% earn up to $23 per hour, and the bottom 10% don’t make more than $14 per hour.

HR ASSISTANT salary profile 2023

Career Outlook

The salary of HR Assistants doesn’t show significant development over the years as few remain in this position throughout their career. According to, entry-level HR Assistants earn around $33,000 while in their mid-career they see a rise by only $3,000 on average. Ten to more than 20 years of experience translate in an average salary of $40,000.

HR assistants typically report to the HR manager or HR director. They can be promoted to HR generalist or HR coordinator. Sometimes, they will advance to the position of an HR specialist or HR administrator.

Top Paying US cities

Geography plays a significant role in determining the salary of an HR Assistant. Cities with a higher cost of living and booming industries often offer higher compensations. Based on Zippia these are the top paying US cities:

  • San Francisco: $42,941
  • Washington: $41,604
  • Boston: $41,321
  • New York: $39,602
  • Dallas: $38,274

Top Paying Industries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the five top paying industries for the HR assistant position are the following:

Industry Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation) $20.97 $43,620
Management of Companies and Enterprises $18.81 $39,130
Employment Services $17.30 $35,990
Department Stores $14.67 $30,510
Local Government (OES Designation) $20.08 $41,770

Job Description & Interview Questions

HR assistants support the HR executives and often the entire HR department. The HR assistant job description includes HR assistant responsibilities, such as assisting payroll, maintaining employee records and helping implement HR programs. Finding the right HR assistant interview questions is an important step in understanding how to hire an HR assistant.

Skills & Qualifications

Human Resources Assistants are central to the smooth operation of any HR department, and their skills and qualifications reflect the multifaceted nature of their role. They need to be technically proficient, especially with HR software like ADP payroll systems or other HR information systems, which streamline processes from payroll to employee tracking.

Effective communication is another cornerstone of their role, as they often serve as intermediaries between employees and higher HR echelons, ensuring that information is conveyed clearly and empathetically. Their tasks, ranging from maintaining employee records to scheduling interviews, demand strong organizational abilities and meticulous attention to detail.

Any error, especially in areas like payroll or benefits, can have significant consequences, so precision is paramount.

Moreover, a foundational understanding of labor laws is essential to ensure the company’s compliance and to circumvent potential legal pitfalls. Building and maintaining trust is another crucial aspect of their job, given the sensitive nature of the information they handle.

This requires impeccable interpersonal skills and the highest levels of discretion and integrity. Problem-solving is another key trait, as they are often the first point of contact for employees with HR-related concerns.

In terms of educational background, an associate’s degree in human resources, business administration, or a related discipline is typically the benchmark, though some employers might lean towards candidates with a bachelor’s degree.

As the HR landscape is continuously evolving, a commitment to ongoing learning, through workshops, seminars, and courses, ensures they remain at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.

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