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How to find Restaurant Chefs with Boolean search strings

If you’re looking for a Chef, Boolean logic can help you discover resumes. Modify our examples of Boolean search commands to source Restaurant Chefs by skills, experience and location.


Generic search string to find a Chef

Your search strings will be more effective if they:

  • Reduce false positives. Use terms like -job -jobs -sample -examples to exclude irrelevant results.
  • Expand your search. Use variations of the same job title like (chef OR cook)
  • Target resumes. Use the command (intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) to generate results that contain the words “resume” or “CV” in the page title. You could do the same for urls with the command (inurl:resume OR inurl:cv.)

When sourcing EU candidates, please refer to guidance on collecting candidate information as per the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.

Here’s an example of a generic search string to find resumes:

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) (inurl:resume OR inurl:cv) “restaurant chef” -job -jobs -template -sample


Examples of Boolean search strings to find Chefs by title and experience

Find Chefs who:

Use different job titles depending on their experience:

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) (“executive chef” OR “head chef”) -job -jobs -sample -examples

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) “line cook” -job -jobs -sample -examples -example

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) “sous chef” -job -jobs -sample -examples

(intitle:resume OR intitle:url) (inurl:resume OR inurl:cv) "senior chef de partie" -job -jobs -template -sample

Specialize in certain cuisines

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) “pastry chef” -job -jobs -sample -examples -example

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) chef “italian cuisine” -job -jobs -sample -examples -example

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) chef (thai OR japanese) -job -jobs -sample -examples -example

Have won awards

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) (“culinary award" OR "cooking award" OR "outstanding chef") -job -jobs -sample -examples

Have worked in Michelin-star restaurants

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) chef “Michelin star” -job -jobs -sample -examples

Have management experience

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) chef (managed OR supervised) (“kitchen staff” OR “team of chefs” OR “junior chefs”) -job -jobs -sample -examples

Sample string to search for resumes of Chefs in downloadable formats

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) (filetype:pdf OR filetype:doc OR filetype:txt) “executive chef” -job -jobs -sample -templates

Examples of Boolean search strings to find Chefs by location

By state or city:

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) “executive chef” (“New York” OR NY) -job -jobs -sample -examples -book

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) “prep cook” “San Francisco” -job -jobs -sample -examples -"writing service"


By area code:

(intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) "sous chef" (Nevada OR NV) (702 OR 775) -job -jobs -sample -examples

Find area codes here.

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