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AI Auditor job description

An AI Auditor is responsible for evaluating and ensuring that AI systems and algorithms adhere to legal, ethical, and safety standards. They play a critical role in assessing risks and compliance within AI implementations.

Alexandros Pantelakis
Alexandros Pantelakis

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What is an AI Auditor?

An AI Auditor is a specialized role that focuses on the critical evaluation of artificial intelligence systems to ensure they operate within established ethical and legal frameworks. They assess various aspects of AI applications, including algorithms, data usage, and overall system design, to safeguard against biases and ensure transparency and fairness.

What does an AI Auditor do?

AI Auditors systematically review and verify the compliance of AI systems. They work closely with technical teams to understand AI workflows and identify any potential ethical or legal issues. This includes monitoring the data handling practices, evaluating the fairness of algorithms, and ensuring that AI implementations do not compromise user privacy or security.

Key responsibilities:

  • Evaluate AI systems for adherence to ethical, legal, and technical standards
  • Conduct risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities within AI implementations
  • Audit AI algorithms, models, and data streams for compliance and accuracy
  • Collaborate with AI ethics officers and data scientists to ensure integrity and fairness in AI applications

Job brief

We are seeking an AI Auditor to join our team and oversee the integrity and compliance of our AI initiatives.

This role requires meticulous attention to detail and a strong understanding of both AI technology and regulatory requirements.

You will conduct thorough audits, provide risk assessments, and work collaboratively with technical teams to ensure our AI systems are ethical, transparent, and compliant with all applicable laws.


  • Perform detailed evaluations of AI technologies and their applications within the company
  • Develop and implement auditing strategies to ensure continuous compliance and risk mitigation
  • Document findings and provide actionable insights for improving AI systems
  • Stay updated on the latest developments in AI technology, ethics, and regulations

Requirements and skills

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, AI, Cybersecurity, or a related field
  • Proven experience in auditing, with a strong understanding of AI systems
  • Knowledge of data privacy laws, ethical guidelines, and industry standards
  • Technical proficiency in AI technologies, including machine learning and NLP
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills

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