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AI Operations Manager job description

An AI Operations Manager is pivotal in overseeing the seamless integration, operational management, and enhancement of AI systems within an organization. This role ensures that AI initiatives align with business strategies and are optimized for both efficiency and scalability.

Alexandros Pantelakis
Alexandros Pantelakis

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What is an AI Operations Manager?

An AI Operations Manager strategically leads the deployment and ongoing management of artificial intelligence within an organization. This role requires a blend of technical acumen and managerial expertise to ensure AI systems are effectively integrated and consistently aligned with evolving business objectives.

The manager also ensures that AI deployments enhance operational processes and adhere to best practices and industry standards.

What does an AI Operations Manager do?

The AI Operations Manager is responsible for the operational aspect of AI within the company, ensuring that AI systems are not only up-to-date but also aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization.

This includes managing system updates, overseeing the integration of new AI capabilities, and collaborating with various teams to mitigate risks associated with AI deployments. The role also involves continuous monitoring and evaluation of AI systems to optimize performance and ensure maximum efficiency.

Job brief

We are in search of a seasoned AI Operations Manager to lead our organization’s AI initiatives, ensuring optimal integration and function of AI technologies across various departments.

The ideal candidate will manage the full lifecycle of AI systems, from deployment to operational management, and play a critical role in aligning these systems with our strategic objectives.

Your leadership will be crucial in transforming our operational processes through innovative AI solutions, maintaining high standards of compliance and efficiency.


  • Develop operational strategies for AI system management and enhancement
  • Oversee the installation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of AI systems
  • Work closely with IT, data science, and development teams to ensure seamless integration and functionality of AI technologies
  • Manage and optimize AI application updates and system upgrades
  • Ensure all AI operations adhere to ethical guidelines and compliance regulations
  • Lead and mentor teams in AI operational best practices and procedures

Requirements and skills

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, or related field
  • Extensive experience in managing complex AI systems within a corporate environment
  • Deep understanding of AI technology applications and infrastructure requirements
  • Proven leadership skills with the ability to manage and inspire multidisciplinary teams
  • Strong project management skills and the ability to handle multiple priorities
  • Excellent communication and stakeholder management skills

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