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Talent acquisition manager average salary

The US National Average salary for a Talent Acquisition Manager is $88,297. This figure is a culmination of data from Glassdoor, which lists an average of $90,376, and, which reports a lower average of $86,219.

How much does a talent acquisition manager earn?

Among Talent Acquisition Manager, the top 90% can expect salaries up to $122,000. On the lower end, the bottom 10% have salaries not exceeding $61,000. Additionally, Glassdoor suggests that with bonuses and other compensations, the earnings of Talent Acquisition Manager can surge to as much as $136,858. The graphic below shows the lowest and highest salaries based on all of our sources. The average range was calculated by combining the average amounts from Glassdoor and Payscale.

TA Manager salary profile

When first entering the field, Talent Acquisition Managers can expect an average salary of $60,000, according to After they gain more than five years of experience, there’s a significant raise to their average salary to about $86,000. After ten years they see another small rise in the talent acquisition salary to $97,000. After 20 years there is an increase to $103.000 throughout their late career.

Talent acquisition managers are usually part of an HR department and report to a Director of Talent/HR or a VP of Talent Acquisition/HR. They belong in the function of recruitment & selection, so often they get to supervise senior recruiters, recruiters and recruiting researchers.

Top Paying US cities

Geography plays a significant role in determining the salary of a talent acquisition manager. Cities with a higher cost of living and booming industries often offer higher compensations. Based on Zippia these are the top paying US cities:

  • New York: $103,087
  • Arizona: $98,016
  • California: $106,479
  • Washington: $98,959
  • Oregon: $95,675

Job Description & Interview Questions

The Talent Acquisition Manager job description involves everything about recruiting, and often developing and retaining, talent. Some of their responsibilities revolve around searching on databases, social media or at external agencies and events for the right people to staff the organization. Talent Acquisition Manager interview questions can unearth the important skills of the candidates by focusing on recruiting processes and experiences.

Skills & Qualifications

Skills and qualifications play a crucial role in the success of a Talent Acquisition Manager. These professionals are responsible for attracting and selecting top talent for the organization, making their skills and expertise essential.

One of the key skills of a Talent Acquisition Manager is full-cycle recruiting. They are well-versed in the entire recruitment process, from job posting and sourcing candidates to conducting interviews and making job offers. With this skill, they can effectively manage and streamline the hiring process, ensuring the organization finds the right individuals for each position.

In addition to full-cycle recruiting, Talent Acquisition Managers excel in sourcing and employment branding. They have the ability to identify and attract top talent through various channels, such as online platforms, social media, and networking events. They also understand the importance of building a strong employer brand to attract potential candidates. By developing compelling messaging and showcasing the organization’s unique culture and values, they create a positive image that appeals to prospective employees.

Furthermore, people management skills are essential for Talent Acquisition Managers. They work closely with hiring managers, HR teams, and candidates, requiring strong communication and interpersonal skills. They must effectively communicate job requirements, align expectations, and build relationships with stakeholders to ensure a seamless recruitment process.

Strategic planning is another critical skill for Talent Acquisition Managers. They analyze talent needs, forecast future requirements, and develop strategic hiring plans to ensure the organization has the right talent in place. They collaborate with management to understand long-term goals and align recruitment strategies accordingly.

To excel in this role, a Bachelor’s degree is typically required, along with experience in recruiting. These qualifications provide a solid foundation in recruitment principles, industry knowledge, and the ability to navigate the hiring landscape effectively. Overall, a combination of technical skills, interpersonal abilities, and strategic thinking is necessary for success as a Talent Acquisition Manager.

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