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Exit interview - ChatGPT prompts for valuable insights

Exit interviews: ChatGPT prompts for valuable insights

ChatGPT can be a powerful tool in the hands of HR professionals. Explore how it can assist you with valuable insights for your e...

Hiring Pulse

Your Hiring Pulse report for June 2023

In May’s Hiring Pulse, we went all-in on how deep the candidate pool was. We even got melodramatically metaphorical with it, lik...

AI-human fusion

AI-human fusion: steering the job market renaissance

AI’s inexorable rise in the workplace is causing much hand wringing over its future impact on employment. It’s impossible to kno...

chatGPT in HR

What can ChatGPT do for HR?

How? Well, lots of ways. Let’s start with some of the most annoying tasks. 1. Write job descriptions This may seem ridiculous to...

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