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Evaluating candidates

Revamp your candidate journey with a contemporary, candidate friendly application and interview process. From rejuvenating your careers page to implementing structured interviews and anonymized screening techniques, we provide comprehensive tools and strategies to ensure a delightful candidate experience. This ensures you consistently select the best fit for your organization, each time.

SAT requirements for employers

Reinstated SAT requirements: why hiring teams should care

Dartmouth College – an Ivy League School – stopped requiring SAT/ACT scores for its applicants during the pandemic. Now that the...


Skills-first approach: what it is and why it can help you

It’s out with the old and in with the new, as this strategy takes center stage, promising a more inclusive, vibrant, and s...

Reverse ageism: why do companies avoid Gen Z workers?

Age discrimination is rampant in the United States. It can be challenging to get a job you are qualified for when you’re 22 year...

Real-life healthcare interview questions

53+ real-life interview questions for healthcare roles

In this guide, we unveil a curated compilation of authentic interview questions for various pivotal healthcare roles.  Crafted b...

Real-life interview questions for Soft skills

55+ real-life interview questions for soft skills at every level

According to research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center, the majority of ca...

Hospitality and travel real-life interview questions

33+ real-life interview questions for hospitality and travel roles

In the dynamic world of hospitality and travel, assembling a team that embodies not just skills but also the spirit of service i...

interview questions for engineer roles

22+ real-life interview questions for engineer roles

Dive into a curated collection of questions that go beyond the standard interview script, offering a glimpse into the practical ...

Interview questions for content and graphic design

18+ real-life interview questions for content and graphic design roles

Feeling a bit lost about what questions will truly reveal if a candidate has the creative skills you’re after? Picture hav...

Design and data analysis interview questions

75+ real life interview questions for design and data analysis roles

As organizations increasingly recognize the strategic importance of roles such as data scientists, data engineers, product desig...

Coding - development roles

73+ real-life interview questions for development & coding roles 

Unsure about which questions will truly assess whether a candidate possesses the required skills? Envision having a collection o...

Workable Partner Profile: smooth reference checks with Refapp

Refapp is a talent intelligence solution that helps recruiters conduct efficient, professional and secure reference checks on ev...

Interview questions - IT roles

59+ real-life interview questions and answers for IT roles

Not sure which interview questions will really show if a candidate has the IT skills you need? Imagine having a bunch of real qu...

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