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CTA Salary Estimator

AI in finance

AI in finance could free up at least four hours per week

“Businesses, big and small, struggle with limited resources and time. Automation allows them to reduce the time spent on m...

HR hills

What HR hills would you die on?

Just spell it out. Dress codes don’t mean suits and ties. They can also mean no obscene messages on t-shirts and everyone must k...

blue collar workers

Creating a better work-life balance for blue collar workers

Part of the problem is that blue-collar labor often entails long hours and physical demands. In my experience, however, blue-col...

boomerang employees

Boomerang employees: should you target them?

You can take advantage of Boomerang employees even if you don’t live in Australia.  Not the ones for throwing, but employees who...

salary estimator tool

Six reasons why your company needs a salary estimator tool

A salary estimator tool is a digital resource that helps employers determine fair compensation for various roles. It uses data f...

Workable’s Salary Estimator is your ally in salary decisions

Let’s face it, researching salary data can be a headache for many companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses....


Top HR Payroll software solutions for your company

Are you seeking valuable insights and guidance for businesses looking to optimize their payroll processes? Is compliance a signi...

A chat about salary transparency: the shift towards open discussion

Recent data shows that career-driven professionals want salary transparency when they’re looking at new opportunities. Stigmas a...

salary negotiations

Navigating the nuances of salary negotiations – how to do it right

If you’re in hiring – or even managing teams outright – you’ve probably been pulled into a salary negotiation with a candidate o...

Ask the Evil HR Lady

Ask the Evil HR Lady: How do I prevent salary harassment?

Q: I have an employee, Heidi, who continually asks others for their salary info. Some people don’t want to discuss it and ...

salary based on location versus value

Salary based on location versus pay for value: which is better?

Way back in the dark ages of 2019, it was pretty obvious how you should pay people, and location was a big part of that decision...

Salary transparency: Good thing for employees – and employers?

You can leave your mortgage payment a secret. (We can all look up how much you paid for your house, anyway.) How taboos change C...

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