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Internal mobility: benefits, challenges, and the impact of AI

Imagine George, a talented software developer at a fast-growing SaaS company. George has been working in the product development...


Skills-first approach: what it is and why it can help you

It’s out with the old and in with the new, as this strategy takes center stage, promising a more inclusive, vibrant, and s...

degree requirements and degree bias

Ditching degree requirements for jobs – what to do instead

Massachusetts has joined 13 other states in removing the college degree requirement from many government jobs. The Brookings Ins...

Reverse ageism: why do companies avoid Gen Z workers?

Age discrimination is rampant in the United States. It can be challenging to get a job you are qualified for when you’re 22 year...

Interview questions for content and graphic design

18+ real-life interview questions for content and graphic design roles

Feeling a bit lost about what questions will truly reveal if a candidate has the creative skills you’re after? Picture hav...

AI evaluation in the workplace

AI evaluation in the workplace: advantages and disadvantages

Artificial intelligence, once a phenomenon only seen in science fiction movies, has left the realm of Star Trek and become an ev...

What is an HRIS

What even is an HRIS – and how to know you need one

For small business owners, the journey to effective human resource management is often fraught with challenges. Limited resource...

Interview questions - IT roles

59+ real-life interview questions and answers for IT roles

Not sure which interview questions will really show if a candidate has the IT skills you need? Imagine having a bunch of real qu...

AI chatbots for HR

Candidate-facing chatbots: a more human digital touch

Within many modern organizations, “human resources” is stuck in a particularly tragic and ironic corner of existence. The arm of...

salary and job satisfaction

Why money alone can’t buy happiness at work

They say that one swallow does not make a spring, and this is also true for high salaries. You may craft an enticing job offer t...

The big disconnect: 4 ways HR can best partner with hiring managers

Hiring managers are exasperated with HR’s inability to fill open requisitions, while at the same time, HR is frustrated with hir...

collaboration tools

UCaaS: Why companies need to consolidate collaboration tools

Hybrid work brings with it many challenges, but the use of multiple communications platforms and overlapping collaborative tools...

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