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Nurse Anesthetist job description

A Nurse Anesthetist is a medical professional who administers anesthesia, monitors vital signs, and provides postoperative pain relief during surgery. They collaborate with healthcare teams to ensure patient safety and comfort throughout procedures. (

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Use this Nurse Anesthetist job description to advertise your vacancies and find qualified candidates. Feel free to modify responsibilities and requirements based on your needs.

What is a Nurse Anesthetist?

A Nurse Anesthetist is a highly trained medical professional responsible for administering anesthesia, monitoring vital signs, and providing pain relief during surgical procedures.

What does a Nurse Anesthetist do?

A Nurse Anesthetist administers anesthesia to patients, monitors their vital signs during surgery, and ensures their comfort and safety. They also provide postoperative pain relief and collaborate with healthcare teams to ensure optimal patient care.

Nurse Anesthetist responsibilities include:

  • Examining patients’ histories for allergies or illnesses that would affect anesthesia
  • Evaluating and preparing patients, providing education about surgery and recovery and discussing the side effects of anesthesia with them
  • Determining the amount and type of anesthesia needed for the patient and the best way to administer it

Job brief

We are looking for a detail-oriented Nurse Anesthetist to join our team and assist our medical staff and patients. Nurse Anesthetists are responsible for administering anesthesia, and they must assist with diagnostic and obstetric procedures as needed. 

Nurse Anesthetists are responsible for providing patients with care before, during, and after their procedure.

Ultimately, you will work with Surgeons and Doctors to ensure patients receive anesthesia-related care before, during and after their procedures. 


  • Preparing and administering the proper dose of anesthesia
  • Monitoring patients’ vital signs and their dose of anesthesia during medical procedures
  • Overseeing patients’ safety during anesthesia recovery
  • Evaluating patients’ progress before, during and after medical procedures
  • Performing some administrative duties, such as ordering anesthesia, training new staff and overseeing department finances

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Nurse Anesthetist or similar role
  • A registered Nursing License
  • The willingness to re-certify every two years
  • Good communication, interpersonal and critical thinking skills
  • Compassion when dealing with patients and attention to detail
  • A Master’s degree in nursing with one year’s nursing experience is preferred

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