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New employee checklist

New employees are an invaluable addition to your company and setting them up for success from day one is paramount. Use the following checklist to establish a comprehensive onboarding process that will ensure new employees integrate seamlessly into their roles, optimize their performance, and contribute positively to the organization.

New employee checklist

Name of New Employee:


Department / Function:


Planned Start Date:

Practical Stuff Who will do it? Date to be completed Completed
Offer letter and or welcome email with starting day info HR Within 24 hours of verbal offer acceptance.
Paylocity, Onboarding message sent HR Collect all their personal info and print out I-9 for orientation
Paylocity, payroll info and identification HR Before start date
Seat / space to be allocated
Desk, Chair or work bench
Department manager On acceptance of role
Office supplies Manager Ready before start date
Internal Telephone – which extension will be allocated
Telephone list updated
IT Dept Completed before start date
IT equipment – Computer, mouse, keyboard, screen, cables etc.
Software needs
Printer connection
Email account set up
Server – user rights access
Dept Manager notifies IT Manager of employees needs via helpdesk ticket Ready to go for day one

Some assets you may want to create as an use info guide for your new starter:

  • Tools they will use: A document with links / logins / guides
  • Local area fact sheet: Coffee/cafe options, lunch tips, local gym/classes, nearest park, etc.
  • Social profiles: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Fact sheet or glossary: Industry/company terminology
  • Slack channels: Which channels to join to make them feel welcome and so they don’t miss company updates, etc.
  • Company timeline and history – always makes for a nice story
  • Welcome letter from CEO or another executive – a video message can be powerful
  • SWAG where applicable
  • Benefits: How to access, manage, etc.
  • Mental health signposting sheet and supporting documents / services
  • Do and don’ts: How we do things around here
  • Fob and building access/security codes, etc.
  • Info about Workout room/ parking / where to clock in, etc.
  • Team or culture activities invites / social calendar
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