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Medical Director job description

A Medical Director is a medical professional in charge of overseeing a health-care facility and ensuring it runs efficiently and smoothly. They work closely with all members to improve quality, while also helping reduce operating costs.


Use this Medical Director job description to advertise your vacancies and find qualified candidates. Feel free to modify responsibilities and requirements based on your needs.

Medical Director responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting and managing physicians, nurses, paramedics and other medical and non-medical staff
  • Examining and coordinating the facility's activities to guarantee medical quality
  • Assisting with training, continuing education and promotion of subordinate staff

Job brief

We are looking for a dedicated Medical Director to ensure the efficient operation of our healthcare facility. They will work with other teams, including administrators and nursing supervisors, to accomplish goals that promote high-quality patient care.

A Medical Director’s responsibilities include implementing laws and regulations in their facility or department, monitoring budgets of all medical staff to ensure they stay within prescribed limits. They also help improve communication between doctors’ offices/hospitals with patients by developing strategies that will lead them through processes more efficiently.

Ultimately, you will work with other medical staff and oversee all processes in our facility to ensure our patients receive the best care possible.


  • Establish medical protocols
  • Fully understand the internal processes of all departments
  • Participate in the recruitment of new physicians and other medical staff
  • Stay up to date on medical trends
  • Perform all other related duties as assigned

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Medical Director or similar role
  • A license and certification to practice medicine
  • Ten or more years experience in clinical medicine
  • Five or more years experience in hospital administration
  • A Medical degree and board certification in family medicine, emergency care or occupational health

Frequently asked questions

What does a Medical Director do?

The Medical Director is an expert in directing patient care. This position requires the ability to manage and organize a team's work to be delivered with efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy while still meeting budget requirements and standards of excellence for the facility.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Medical Director?

Medical Directors are the coordinators of a facility, ensuring that staff members meet goals. They are responsible for recruiting and managing Doctors, Nurses and other medical staff, and they oversee all training done in their facility.

What makes a good Medical Director?

A good Medical Director must have excellent communication skills since they work with various medical professionals and patients. In addition, they must have an innate ability to clearly articulate their vision and influence important endeavors with clarity, precision and detail when necessary for maximum impact on patients' outcomes.

Who does a Medical Director work with?

A Medical Director works directly with other medical staff like Doctors, Nurses and Physician Assistants. In some cases, they work with Lawyers to ensure patients receive the best care possible and all procedures are followed in their facility.

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