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Junior Operations Engineer job description

A Junior Operations Engineer is a professional in the tech field, focusing on developing software to automate operational processes, monitoring system integrations, and resolving technical issues to enhance user experience and system efficiency.

Alexandros Pantelakis
Alexandros Pantelakis

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Use this Junior Operations Engineer job description template to advertise open roles for your company. Be sure to modify requirements and duties based on the unique needs of the role you’re hiring for.

What is a Junior Operations Engineer?

A Junior Operations Engineer is an essential role within a tech organization, primarily involved in ensuring the smooth operation of software and systems. This position requires a blend of technical skills and problem-solving abilities. The engineer works on automating operational processes, enhancing system functionality, and ensuring the reliability and efficiency of software applications.

What does a Junior Operations Engineer do?

The primary role of a Junior Operations Engineer involves developing and implementing software solutions to automate and improve operational processes. This includes writing scripts to monitor system integrations and ensure their correct functioning. They play a crucial role in troubleshooting and resolving production issues, often collaborating with customer support teams to address technical queries.

Additionally, they conduct thorough root cause analyses of production errors, recommending improvements to reduce future occurrences and enhance user experience. This role requires a proactive approach to maintaining system health and efficiency, often involving collaboration with various teams to ensure optimal performance of the software and systems.

Junior Operations Engineer responsibilities include:

  • Developing software for automating operational needs
  • Creating scripts for monitoring and verifying system integrations
  • Investigating and resolving production issues
  • Performing root cause analysis for production errors

Job brief

Join our rapidly growing software company as a Junior Operations Engineer in our Boston office. In this role, you’ll be instrumental in supporting our expansion from thousands to hundreds of thousands of users.

You’ll develop innovative software solutions to automate operational processes, monitor system integrations, and address technical challenges. This position is ideal for someone with a passion for technology, a knack for problem-solving, and a desire to contribute to a world-class software product.

You’ll work in a dynamic environment, collaborating with skilled professionals to enhance user experience and system functionality.


  • Develop software to automate operational needs of customers
  • Develop scripts for monitoring and verifying end-to-end operation of integrations
  • Investigate and resolve production issues or recommend solutions
  • Respond to technical customer questions escalated by the Customer Support team
  • Perform root cause analysis for production issues/errors and recommend changes to Product

Requirements and skills

  • Minimum 1 year of experience as a software developer or operations engineer, or significant programming exposure
  • Working knowledge of databases, SQL, Ruby on Rails, and Python (or willingness to learn)
  • B.S. in Computer Science or related engineering field with software experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Diligent, rigorous, and quality-focused
  • Exceptional collaboration skills
  • Bonus: Experience in SDLC projects, Operations, Quality Assurance

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