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IT onboarding checklist

No matter how experienced new hires are with technology, ask a member of your IT team to guide them through setup and make sure they are able to be productive as soon as possible.

IT onboarding checklist

A formal IT onboarding process helps new hires:

  • Familiarize themselves with hardware and software they’ll be using
  • Set up corporate accounts
  • Learn and follow security guidelines
  • Feel confident they have the tools to get their work done

Use this checklist to organize effective IT onboarding sessions for your new hires:

Before your new hire’s first day

  • Coordinate with the hiring manager and the HR department to collect information that will help you prep IT setup. Make sure you have new hires’:
    • Names
    • Contact details
    • Job titles
    • Departments
    • Starting dates
    • Software they’ll need for their jobs
  • Order equipment new hires will need, including:
    • Laptop or Desktop
    • Monitor
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard
    • Cables
    • USB sticks
    • Phone
  • Determine which software, tools and access rights new hires need. This can include:
    • Company email
    • Internal messaging
    • Productivity tools (e.g. Trello, ToDoist, Asana)
    • Analytics (Tableau, Google Analytics)
    • Spreadsheets
  • Get approval from the senior management team to set up new accounts.
  • Invite new hires to join corporate accounts and send them setup guidelines.
  • If applicable, contact new hires or their hiring managers to learn their preferred tech equipment.

On your new hire’s first day

  • Prepare new hires’ desk with necessary hardware, like:
    • Computer
    • Phone
    • Printer
  • Schedule 1:1 meetings to help new hires properly:
    • Set up company accounts, if they haven’t already:
      • Email
      • Company messaging app
      • Password security tools (e.g. LastPass, OneLogin, Okta)
  • Provide digital or physical copies of manuals for hardware and software so that new employees can reference them when needed.
  • Explain how to use corporate office equipment, like:
    • Projectors
    • Video conference tools
    • Printers
    • Fax machines
  • Ensure all new hires understand and sign data privacy agreements.
  • Describe visitors policy.
  • Train new hires on how to secure their workstations. For example, make sure they know:
    • How to store physical and digital files
    • How to share sensitive data
    • How to lock their computer and desk
  • Explain how new hires should reach you if they have any technical issues. Include your:
    • Location
    • Email and phone
    • Username, if you communicate via a messaging application
    • Formal procedure to request technical assistance

During new employee’s first week or month

  • Check in with new hires to see if they’ve properly installed all software.
  • If necessary, schedule trainings on:
    • Security policies
    • Best practices when using office equipment
    • Productivity tips for commonly used tools
  • Answer specific questions new hires may have after using tools for a while.
  • Sign new hires up for routine security training exercises.

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