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Groundskeeper job description

A Groundskeeper is a maintenance professional who works on different properties like schools, hospitals and office buildings. They are responsible for mowing lawns, trimming weeds, raking leaves and other various tasks as assigned by their manager.


Use this Groundskeeper job description to advertise your vacancies and find qualified candidates. Feel free to modify responsibilities and requirements based on your needs.

Groundskeeper responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, turf and irrigation
  • Fertilizing lawn, trees, flowers and shrubs and spreading mulch
  • Trimming trees, hedges and shrubs and preventing and eliminating weeds

Job brief

We are looking for a Groundskeeper to join our team and make our institution’s surroundings beautiful. Our Groundskeeper will have many tools at their disposal for optimal maintenance. They should be able to keep up the appearance of our outdoor areas by keeping lawns manicured, hedges trimmed and pathways clean from debris. 

A Groundskeeper’s responsibilities include maintaining site landscaping; fertilizing lawns, trees and shrubs. They also trim hedges or bushes to keep them looking neat throughout the year.

Ultimately, you will work outside with a small team of other Groundskeepers to ensure our outdoor areas maintain a professional appearance for guests and employees to enjoy.


  • Maintain gardens and lawns
  • Prepare outdoor areas for various weather conditions
  •  Weatherproof areas, cover outdoor furniture with tarps, tie-down unsecured items
  • Maintain gardens and lawns, including planting, fertilizing, weeding, soil conditioning, mulching and applying pesticides 
  • Operate and maintain garden and landscaping equipment
  • Schedule specialty services such as ground leveling or patio installation

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Groundskeeper or similar role
  • Familiarity with sprinkler systems and other landscaping equipment
  • Knowledge of gardening techniques
  • Knowledge of gardening products such as fertilizers and pesticides
  • Physical stamina and the ability to stand for long periods
  • A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred

Frequently asked questions

What does a Groundskeeper do?

A Groundskeeper maintains the grounds and outdoor environments around colleges, hospitals, and large office buildings. They are responsible for ensuring that these areas look suitable for guests and employees.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Groundskeeper?

Groundskeepers are typically found working in outdoor settings where they maintain the health and appearance of the landscape. They perform various tasks like mowing lawns, picking up trash and pruning trees as needed.

What makes a good Groundskeeper?

A good Groundskeeper must be familiar with essential maintenance tasks and operate standard landscaping equipment. They should also be familiar with the operation and installation of sprinkler systems and have experience utilizing pesticides or fertilizers.

Who does a Groundskeeper work with?

A Groundskeeper typically works alone or with a small group of other Groundskeepers around the property. They are supervised by a Facilities Manager who will direct daily tasks and ensure the grounds are maintained to a high standard.

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